Name Description
<ctrl> Symbol for "control" key.
<ctrl>h backspace
<ctrl>i tab
<ctrl>q x-on
<ctrl>r retype command
<ctrl>s x-off
<ctrl>w back word
<ctrl>x Cancels current input line, or exits Access report.
abs Absolute frames.
access.selection.processor Gathers items for Access processes.
account Description of account.
active.list A list of strings delimited by attribute marks created by one of the list-generating processes.
adi Acronym for Attribute-Defining Item.
amc Attribute Mark Count.
any A key which produces character output.
ascii Definition of ASCII. The standard ASCII code table.
attribute Field used to store data within an item.
attribute.mark Used to separate attibutes in items.
b-tree Balanced-tree index. Backward link zero is a file system error.
basic Pick's primary programming language.
basic.retrieval.locks Description of retrieval locks.
ccb See "cursor control block" and "assignfq".
clipboard Temporary storage area used by DOS, Windows & Pick.
command Invokes TCL process.
conversion Conversion codes are listed under "processing codes".
correlative References attribute 8 of dictionary.
crt Acronym for "Cathode Ray Tube".
cruise See "cruising".
cursor The thing on the screen that moves when you type.
cursor.control.block Description of cursor control block.
cut.paste Definition and description.
d-pointer Defines a "real" file's location.
deleting.items see "save".
delimiter Separates elements in a statement, command or data.
dictionaries Description of dictionary level of file system. Description of using dictionaries as operators.
dirty.bits The flag set on changed items.
dm.account The "data manager" account.
ebcdic Definition of EBCDIC
expression Description of expression.
external.format The "human-readable" form of data representation.
fcb See "file control block".
fdi Acronym for file-defining item.
fid Contraction for "frame-id".
file Description of Pick files.
file-locks see "file lock codes"
file.control.block Description of file control block.
file.defining.items File-defining item overview. Description of retrieval/update locks. The name of a Pick file.
file.paths see "file.reference".
file.reference How to reference files in Pick.
files Description of Pick file organization.
flusher Description of flusher.
font A character typeface.
frame Description of a frame.
full.duplex A terminal mode which sends but does not display a keystroke.
full.restore A total reload of the file system.
general.binary.q.ptr Description of Binary Files Defined blocked IO.
general.dialer defines the dialer subsystem
general.hangup General discussion about modem hangups
general.header.q.ptr Description of Header Files Hot Backup Configuration
general.osfi Open Systems File Interface
general.super.q.ptr Extended q-pointer for accessing non-Pick and/or non-local files.
general.tape-socket Tape device across a network
general.unix.q.ptr Description of Unix Remote Files
gfe Abbreviation for Group Format Error.
gfe.handler Description of GFE handler.
group Statistical gathering of frames in a file.
half.duplex A terminal mode which displays and sends a keystroke.
hashing Pick's retrieval algorithm.
incremental.restore Restores items from last incremental save tape. Saves items changed since last save.
installation see your System Installation Guide.
internal.format The way data is stored in Pick.
item A collection of attributes, values, and subvalues.
item-id The key to an item.
levels Description of level pushing.
linked.overflow Additional frames attached to a file's primary file space.
locking.scheme Locking schemes.
macros Overview of macros.
master.dictionary The vocabulary file for an account.
maxfid Last addressable fid.
menus An overview of the menu processor.
messages.format See "messages file".
meta.characters The term used for the set of Pick reserved delimiters.
modulo.def The number of groups allocated as the primary space of a file.
overflow.table Pick's overflow-handling scheme.
passwords Description of user and account passwords.
paths see "file.reference".
phantom.ports Overview of phantom ports.
pib Acronym for "process identification block".
pib.status Explanation of pib status'.
pointer.item Pointer item overview
port The connection between a device and the physical system.
port.number The port number associated with the process. The number of groups allocated to a file.
primary.list An "active" select-list.
privileges see "system privileges".
prompt.chars.ap Prompt characters from each processor.
q-pointer Defines a duplicate (synonym) name for an already-existing file.
qs-pointer Defines a remote file which is saved as if it were local.
ref The on-line form of the Advanced Pick Reference Manual.
restricted.system.access Restarts the user logon macro on "<break>end".
s-pointer Defines a remote file which is saved as if it were local.
scrubber a mechanism on certain older AP releases to provide overflow protection in the event of a system halt.
secondary.list A list of item-id's generated by one of the list-generating processes while an active list is present.
security An overview of Pick security.
segment.mark Used to separate items within frames.
seq Control item used by "ms" processing code.
start.buffer.mark Used primarily to pad tape records.
sub-value Field used to store data within a value.
sub-value.mark Used to separate subvalues within values.
synonym.defining.items Synonym files, or "q-pointers".
sysbase Base fid of the file system.
system.delimiters See "delimiter".
system.privileges Description of privilege levels.
tape.handling.verbs "Tape" is a generic reference to the currently attached peripheral storage device.
transaction.logger The transaction logger is a crash protection mechanism
user-id Item-id for "users" logon items.
value Field used to store data within an attribute.
value.mark Used to separate values within attributes.
virtual.machine Description of virtual machine.
x-off x-off / <ctrl>+s
x-on x-on / <ctrl>+q