Name Description
pob Description of Primary Output Buffer.
primary.input.buffer Description of Primary Input Buffer.
proc List of PROC subjects.
proc.+ Adds value to input buffer.
proc.- Subtracts value from input buffer.
proc.a Moves data to active output buffer.
proc.b Backup input pointer. Backup output pointer.
proc.c Comment.
proc.d Displays input buffer.
proc.f Forward input pointer.
proc.g Goto statement label.
proc.go Goto statement label.
proc.h Move text to output buffer.
proc.if If..then conditional.
proc.ih Remove string from input buffer.
proc.ip Inputs into active input buffer. Input to secondary input buffer. Input from tape.
proc.linkages Linking to other procs.
proc.logon Setting up logon PROCs.
proc.o Output text to crt.
proc.p Process output buffer(s). Process output buffers with "hush".
proc.pp Print and process output buffer(s).
proc.pq First statement of every PROC. Print output buffer(s) and await response.
proc.px Process output buffer(s) and exit to TCL.
proc.ri Reset input buffers. Resets output buffer.
proc.s Sets input pointer.
proc.sp Select primary input buffer. Selects secondary input buffer.
proc.stoff Activates primary output buffer.
proc.ston Activates secondary output buffer.
proc.t Terminal addressing and effect function.
proc.user.exits List of PROC user exits.
proc.x Terminates PROC.
sib Description of Secondary Input Buffer.
sob Description of Secondary Output Buffer.
ue.0032 Logs off the current process.
ue.0070 Performs a correlated match on a multi-valued set.
ue.0190 Stack arithmetic.
ue.0191 Sets execution lock number 9.
ue.0192 General output formatting capabilities.
ue.0193 Move parameter from "source" buffer to "destination" buffer.
UE.0195 Saves a select list
ue.01a2 "n"-way branch.
ue.01a6 Used for cursor control.
ue.01ad Retrieves a value from an attribute of an item.
ue.01b8 Returns and formats a value from a file or text string.
ue.01bc "n"-way branch.
ue.1191 Releases execution lock number 9.
ue.1193 Changes date from DD/MM to MM/DD.
ue.1195 Gets the next item from an active list
ue.11a2 Pads the value of the primary input buffer with zeros.
ue.11aa Converts the current value in the pib into the PROC secondary input buffer.
ue.11ad Retrieves all multi-values of an attribute.
ue.11bc Pads the value in the secondary input buffer with zeros.
ue.20d7 Initiates a restore of the entire file system.
ue.218d Disables the break key.
ue.2191 Unconditionally releases execution lock number 9.
ue.2193 Sets Top-Of-Form for next output.
ue.219b Kills the PROC stack flag
ue.21a2 Resets both output buffers.
ue.21ad Retrieves all values of an attribute.
ue.21bc Deletes entries from the output buffer.
ue.318d Enables the break key.
ue.3191 Releases an execution lock if it was locked by this port.number.
ue.3193 Directs all subsequent output to go to the terminal.
ue.31a2 PROC
ue.31ad Returns the current port number.
ue.31bc Subroutine call.
ue.401c Returns the current abs frame number.
UE.4193 Terminates output to spooler.
ue.41a2 Proc subroutine recall
ue.41ad Replaces the string in the primary input buffer.
ue.41bc Subroutine return.
ue.5193 Beeps the terminal.
ue.51bc Subroutine return.
UE.61A2 Toggles terminal output.
ue.61bc Disables terminal output.
ue.713c Returns the system serial number.
ue.71a2 Returns the port number of the current process
ue.8193 Sends all subsequent output to the printer.
ue.8193.r83 Prints error message with optional data.
ue.91a2 Transfers control (chains) to another PROC.
ue.91bc Transfers control (chains) to another PROC.
ue.a1a2 Deletes input buffer to end of line.
ue.a1bc Moves entries from the current position in the input buffer to the end.
ue.d070 Returns the account name into the input buffer.
ue.e070 Returns the current tape reel number into the input buffer.