Name Description
runoff.& Underlines following character.
runoff.& Turns off underline mode.
runoff.&^ Turns on underline mode.
runoff.* Comment.
runoff.< Begins following text at next tab stop.
runoff.> Ends following text at next tab stop.
runoff.@ Prints following character in boldface.
runoff.@ Turns off boldface mode.
runoff.@^ Turns on boldface mode.
runoff.b Outputs partial line. Processes the current page then forces a page break. Draws a box a specified column positions. Ends box.
runoff.bp "begin page".
runoff.break Outputs line and creates a new paragraph.
runoff.c "center".
runoff.capitalize.sentences Turns on sentence capitalization mode. Centers line.
runoff.chain Transfers control to another Runoff item.
runoff.chapter Begins new chapter.
runoff.commands List of Runoff commands.
runoff.contents Output table of contents.
runoff.crt Outputs text to crt.
runoff.cs "capitalize sentences". "end case". Disables previous ".upper case" or ".lower case" commands.
runoff.f "fill".
runoff.fill Turns on "line fill" mode.
runoff.footing Defines page footing.
runoff.heading Defines page heading.
runoff.hilite Prints hilite in margin(s). Prints hilite in margin(s).
runoff.i see "indent". see "indent margin".
runoff.indent Indents following line.
runoff.indent.margin Indents or outdents left margin.
runoff.index Adds entry to index.
runoff.input Prompts for input from crt.
runoff.intro Invokes Runoff processor for output.
runoff.j see "justify".
runoff.justify Activates "fill" and "justify" mode. see "lower case".
runoff.left.margin Sets left margin.
runoff.line.length Defines width of output line.
runoff.lm see "left margin". Output text in lower case characters.
runoff.lptr Directs output to printer.
runoff.lx Sets auto-tabs.
runoff.ncs see "nocapitalize sentences". see "nofill".
runoff.nj see "nojustify".
runoff.nocapitalize.sentences Turns off sentence capitalization mode.
runoff.nofill Disables line fill and justification.
runoff.nojustify Outputs text with "ragged" right margin.
runoff.nopage Outputs document without pausing at the bottom of each page.
runoff.noparagraph Turns off paragraph mode.
runoff.options Standard Runoff options: c,i,j,n,p,s,u
runoff.options.c Suppresses ".chain" and ".read" commands.
runoff.options.i Includes item-id in output.
runoff.options.j Suppresses highlights.
runoff.options.n Outputs document without pausing at the bottom of each page.
runoff.options.nn Sets overstrike/underscore counter.
runoff.options.p Directs output to the Spooler.
runoff.options.s Suppresses boldface, underline and modes.
runoff.options.u Outputs text in upper case.
runoff.p see "paragraph". Defines page number.
runoff.paper.length Defines number of print lines per page.
runoff.paragraph Defines paragraph indentation.
runoff.pfile Directs output to specific print file.
runoff.print Displays text on crt.
runoff.print.index Generates index. Transfers to Runoff item, returns when finished.
runoff.readnext Gets next item-id from active list. Saves index to specific file.
runoff.section Increments section level number with text.
runoff.set.tabs Defines tabstops. see "skip".
runoff.skip Outputs a specific number of blank lines.
runoff.sp see "space". Ejects specific number of blank lines.
runoff.spacing Sets line spacing.
runoff.special.characters Special output control characters.
runoff.standard Sets default output and formatting settings. Tests for number of lines remaining on page. see "test page".
runoff.uc see "upper case". Outputs text in upper case characters.
runoff. Prints next character in lower case.
runoff.\ Turns off upper case mode.
runoff.^ Prints next character in upper case.
runoff.^^ Activates upper case mode.
runoff._ Treats following character as a literal.