Name Description
system.debugger.: Pushes level from debugger.
system.debugger.a Displays current instruction address.
system.debugger.addd Adds integer numbers.
system.debugger.addx Adds hexadecimal numbers.
system.debugger.b Sets breakpoint condition.
system.debugger.c Specifies character display format.
system.debugger.d Displays breakpoint and trace table entries.
system.debugger.db Toggles debugger.
system.debugger.dfs Overview of format specifications.
system.debugger.divd Divides integer numbers.
system.debugger.divx Divides hexadecimal numbers.
system.debugger.drs How data is referenced.
system.debugger.dtx Converts decimal to hexadecimal.
system.debugger.dws How windows are specified.
system.debugger.e Toggles the single-step feature on or off.
system.debugger.end Terminates process and returns to TCL.
system.debugger.functions System debugger replacement/display functions.
system.debugger.g Transfers execution to statement label.
system.debugger.i Activates integer display format.
system.debugger.k Kills breakpoint.
system.debugger.l Displays frame link fields.
system.debugger.m Toggles modal trace. Enters monitor debugger from system debugger. Attaches current process to remote process.
system.debugger.muld Multiplies integer numbers.
system.debugger.mulx Multiplies haxadecimal numbers.
system.debugger.n Ignores breakpoints for specified number of times. Terminates process.
system.debugger.overview Overview of system debugger.
system.debugger.p Toggles listflg.
system.debugger.r Specifies indirect register address.
system.debugger.subd Subtracts integer numbers.
system.debugger.subx Subtracts hexadecimal numbers.
system.debugger.t Sets trace table entry.
system.debugger.time Displays current time and date.
system.debugger.u Removes trace table entry.
system.debugger.w Specifies hexadecimal display format.
system.debugger.x Specifies hexadecimal display format.
system.debugger.xtd Converts hexadecimal to decimal.
system.debugger.y Sets y-trace table entry.
system.debugger.z Cancels previous y command.
system.debugger.[ Indicates the entry of hexadecimal words.