Name Description
editor.<return> Moves to next line.
editor.? Displays current item information.
editor.a Again. Repeats last locate command. Assembly format.
editor.b Bottom
editor.c Column display Delete line(s).
editor.errors Editor error messages.
editor.ex Exits item.
editor.exk Exits and "kiss off" list.
editor.f Flip buffers.
editor.fd Deletes item.
editor.fdk Delete item and "kiss" off list. Files item.
editor.fil File item in "list" format.
editor.fio File over existing item.
editor.fs Saves item and remains in item.
editor.fsl Save item in "list" format.
editor.fso Save over existing item.
editor.g Goto line number.
editor.i Insert.
editor.introduction The line-oriented editor.
editor.l.list List lines.
editor.l.locate Locate.
editor.m Macro expansion. Merge.
editor.n Increment line pointer.
editor.o Sets object assembly mode in the editor.
editor.p Defines/invokes prestored command.
editor.pd Display prestored commands.
editor.r Replace text. Universal replace.
editor.s Suppresses line numbers.
editor.s? Displays item size. Sets number of lines to display by "p" command.
editor.t Top.
editor.tb Define tabstop(s).
editor.u Up.
editor.x Undoes last command.
editor.xf Undoes commands back to last (f)lip.
editor.z Defines zone output limits.
editor.^ Toggle wildcard function.