Name Description
filename.peqs a super-Q-pointer used to access spooler jobs.
spooler.account The spooler account.
spooler.commands Description of Spooler.
spooler.locks Description of Spooler locks.
spooler.options Standard Spooler options.
tcl.:startspooler see "startspooler".
tcl.assignfq Links a printer to an output formqueue.
tcl.list-ptr see "listptr".
tcl.listabs Displays Spooler assignment status for all users, a specific port, or a range of ports.
tcl.listpeqs Displays printer queue elements.
tcl.listptr Displays printers.
tcl.lq see "listpeqs". Re-spools a hold job, optionally to a different sp-assignment
tcl.sp-assign Designates Spooler assignment options.
tcl.sp-close Closes most recent Spooler entry.
tcl.sp-edit Invokes Spooler editor menu.
tcl.sp-kill Stops Spooler entry output.
tcl.sp-open Forces Spooler entry to remain open.
tcl.sp-status Displays status of Spooler processes.
tcl.sp-tapeout Spools report from magnetic media.
tcl.startptr Initializes Spooler-controlled printer.
tcl.startshp Starts shared printer under Unix.
tcl.startspooler Initializes the Spooler.
tcl.stopptr Stops printer.