Name Description
op Text formatting
op.* Designates comment or remark.
op.appendix Assigns appendix titles and creates entries in Table of Contents.
op.apx see "appendix".
op.bc See "block center". Processes current page and forces a page break. See "boldface".
op.bk See "break". Centers all following attributes.
op.boldface Selects boldface font. Draws a box a specified column positions.
op.bp See "begin page".
op.break Creates a new paragraph.
op.c see "center".
op.cap.sentences Capitalized first letter of each sentence. Centers the next line. see "chapter".
op.chain Exits current item and begins processing specified item.
op.chapter Sets chapter formatting and provides automatic chapter numbering.
op.char Outputs character string without translation.
op.col Formats text in colums.
op.columns see "columns set".
op.columns.set Specifies column heading, width and spacing.
op.commands Summary of OP commands.
op.crt Directs output to terminal.
op.cs see "cap sentences".
op.cursor Provides cursor addressing. Outputs current system date.
op.default Sets default font.
op.df see "default".
op.em Insert spaces in output text.
op.f see "font".
op.fig see "figure".
op.figure Sequentially numbers figures using current chapter.
op.font Selects font from device item.
op.footing Defines page footing.
op.ght Indents text to position set by ".hanging tab". Sets tab stop.
op.heading Defines page heading.
op.hi see "hilite".
op.hilite Prints single character on right margin. see "hanging tab".
op.i see "indent". see "indent margin". see "input".
op.indent Indents text from left margin.
op.indent.margin Changes left margin +/- positions.
op.indent.rmargin Indents right margin.
op.index Inserts phrase and current page number in text.
op.index.heading Inserts phrase and current page number in index.
op.input Accepts text input from terminal.
op.irm see "indent rmargin". See "italics".
op.italics Output text in italics.
op.ix see "index".
op.ixh see "index heading".
op.j see "justify".
op.justify Right-justifies text.
op.left.margin Sets left margin.
op.line.length Sets line length.
op.line.printer Directs output to the line printer.
op.ll see "line length".
op.lm see "left margin".
op.lp see "line printer".
op.lpi Set number of lines-per-inch.
op.macro.file Sets the file.reference that contains OP macro items.
op.margins see "left margin" and "right margin". see "macro file". see "nofill".
op.nofill Disables line fill and justification.
op.oc see "over char".
op.over.char Treat following character as text.
op.p see "paragraph". Set default page length. Sets default page number
op.paging Pauses at the end of each page.
op.paragraph Indents paragraph. see "preface". see "paging".
op.pi see "print index". see "page length". see "page number".
op.pp see "prefix page".
op.pptoc see "print ptoc".
op.preface Sets automatic prefact formatting. Turns on prefix page mode.
op.print.index Prints index.
op.print.ptoc Prints partial Table of Contents.
op.print.toc Prints Table of Contents.
op.prm see "prompt".
op.prompt Outputs text on next line to terminal.
op.ptoc Print table of contents, see "print toc".
op.r see "read". Reads an item and outputs it in current text.
op.readnext Reads data from active list.
op.readnext.null Reads data from active list.
op.reset Resets printer.
op.right.margin Sets right margin.
op.rm OP "right margin"
op.rn see "readnext".
op.rst Saves Table of Contents. Saves index to specific file. OP "save contents".
op.sch see "set chapter".
op.sec Define a section
op.section Increments section level number with text.
op.set.chapter Sets options for chapter headings.
op.set.section Sets options for section headings. See "save index". See "skip".
op.skip Skips lines on output.
op.sp see "space". Outputs blank lines.
op.spacing Sets line spacing.
op.spg see "spacing". OP "set section".
op.standard Defines default parameters for OP.
op.std see "standard".
op.sub see "subscript".
op.subscript Moves text down one-half line.
op.sup see "superscript".
op.superscript Moves text up one-half line. Defines pattern to fill line. Left align the phrase at the next tab position. Moves phrase to next tab position and right-justifies phrase. Right-aligns text with right margin. Sets tab stops.
op.table Provides automatic table numbering.
op.tbl see "table". Substitutes heading text as header for Table of Contents.
op.tch see "tc heading".
op.tcl Executes a TCL statement from OP. Executes TCL.command, surrounded by a box.
op.tclbox see "tcl box". Tests lines on page. OP "tab fill". see "tab left". see "test page". see "tab right".
op.trm see "tab rightm".
op.ts See "tab set".
op.ul see "underline".
op.underline Underlines following text.
op.underline.words Underlines the words following the command.
op.uw see "underline words".
op.variable.columns Specifies paraments for variable-width columns.
op.vcol see "variable columns".
op.vmi Sets vertical motion index.
op.x Turns off boldface, underline words, underline and italic modes.
op.xbc see "xblock center".
op.xbf see "xboldface". Turns off block center mode.
op.xboldface Turns off boldface mode. Terminates the "box" command.
op.xcap.sentences Terminates ".cap sentences" mode.
op.xcol See "xcolumns".
op.xcolumns Turns off column heading, width and spacing.
op.xcs see "xcap sentences".
op.xhi see "xhilite".
op.xhilite Turns off ".hilite" mode.
op.xindex Ends index.
op.xit see "xitalics".
op.xitalics Turns off italics mode.
op.xix see "xindex".
op.xj see "xjustify".
op.xjustify Turns off justify mode.
op.xp See "xparagraph".
op.xpaging Turns of paging mode.
op.xparagraph Turns off paragraph mode.
op.xpf see "xpreface".
op.xpg see "xpaging".
op.xpp see "xprefix page".
op.xpreface Turns off preface mode. Turns off prefix page mode.
op.xsub see "xsubscript".
op.xsubscript Turns off subscript mode.
op.xsup see "xsuperscript".
op.xsuperscript Turns off superscript mode.
op.xul Turns off underline mode.
op.xuw Turns off underline words mode.