Name Description
dos.copypick see "import" and "export".
dos.copypick.r83 A DOS utility to import Pick R83 item(s) to DOS.
dos.pick Boots Pick from DOS.
dos.pick84 Changes the DOS BIOS version.
dos.picknat Changes keyboard scan codes settings.
dos.pickstop Performs sudden shutdown of AP/DOS.
dos.pickx Boots Advanced Pick without further prompting.
tcl.!.apdos Submits a DOS command to shell.
tcl.addbi.apdos Add function to a the AP/DOS monitor.
tcl.copydos Invokes program "import.pick" and copies and converts DOS data to Pick files.
tcl.copydos.r83 Imports a DOS file to Pick item(s).
tcl.diskcomp Compares two DOS diskettes.
tcl.diskcopy Copies a DOS-format diskette.
tcl.dos Invokes DOS shell.
tcl.dos.bridge.r83 Enables or disabels ability to shell out to DOS. Switches DOS monitor between 80 and 132 column modes.
tcl.export Transfer Pick item to DOS file.
tcl.export.r83 Export Pick item(s) to a DOS diskette.
tcl.import.dos Transfers DOS file to Pick item.
tcl.import.pick see "copydos".
tcl.import.r83 Imports a DOS file into Pick item(s). Invokes DOS shell.
tcl.shl Invokes DOS shell.