Name Description
access.# "not equal to" operator.
access.& "and" operator.
access.< "less than" operator.
access.<= "less than or equal to" operator.
access.= "equal to" operator.
access.> "greater than" operator.
access.>= "greater than or equal to" operator.
access.a Throwaway connective.
access.after "greater than" operator.
access.and "and" (Boolean) operator.
access.any searches entire item for match, all attributes and values.
access.are Throwaway connective.
access.b.option Suppresses "number of items listed" message.
access.before "less than" operator.
access.break-on Creates control break in Access reports. Defines (ascending) sort key in Access sentence. Defines descending sort key in Access sentence. Explodes multi-values for sorting purposes. Explodes multi-values in descending sequence.
access.c.option The equivalent modifier is "col-hdr-supp".
access.c/total used by list-obj to display number of frames
access.check-sum Produces check sum total.
access.col-hdr-supp suppresses column and page headings on Access reports.
access.connectives words in a master dictionary which are used to form the elements of Access statements.
access.converting-nulls Allows all values to be processed by the output conversion -- even nulls.
access.count Counts items in a file.
access.d.option Suppresses detail on Access reports. Throwaway connective.
access.dbl-spc Activates double spaced output.
access.default.output.specifications selects the default attribute-defining items in an access sentence when none are explicitly provided.
access.det-supp Suppresses detail on Access reports.
access.dict Accesses dictionary level of specified file.
access.each Forces comparison on every value.
access.eq "equal to" operator.
access.equal "equal to" operator.
access.every Forces comparison on every value, rather than any value.
access.file Throwaway connective.
access.fill Displays report in "across-the-page" mode.
access.footing Defines report footing.
access.for Throwaway connective. "greater than or equal to" operator.
access.grand-total Substitutes text for default "***" on grand total line. "greater than" operator.
access.h.option Suppresses default page heading.
access.hash-test Performs distribution analysis on file with test modulo.
access.hdr-supp suppress the header
access.header see "heading".
access.heading Defines report heading.
access.i.option Suppresses item-ids. Suppresses item-ids.
access.ifno Throwaway connective.
access.introduction a Pick facility to retrieve and output data.
access.istat Performs distribution analysis on existing file modulo.
access.itemlist Defines a specific list of item-ids.
access.items Throwaway connective.
access.j.option Suppresses "number of items listed" message.
access.k.option supresses the legend.
access.le "less than or equal to" operator.
access.legend-supp Suppresses "legend" on output.
access.list Lists file.
access.list-item Displays item in storage format.
access.list-label Produces formatted labels.
access.logical.connectives Boolean operators used in selection clauses.
access.logical.operators Relational operators used in selection clauses.
access.lptr Directs output to printer. "less than" operator.
access.m.option Allows all values to be processed by the output conversion -- even nulls.
access.modifiers List of Access modifiers.
access.modifiers.modlist Defines list of modifiers.
access.n.option Outputs report without pausing at the bottom of each page. "Not equal to" operator. Suppresses "number of items listed" message. Reverses selection condition.
access.nopage Outputs report without pausing at the bottom of each page.
access.not Negates selection criteria.
access.nselect Performs "not" select - only items not there.
access.of Throwaway connective.
access.only Displays item-ids only.
access.options Standard options: b,c,d,h,i,j,k,n,p,r,s,u,y
access.or "or" (Boolean) operator.
access.outlist Defines list of attributes to output.
access.p.option Directs output to printer.
access.phrases master dictionary items which contain Access macros.
access.pre-processor portion of Access which provides phrase parsing and eliminates the need for quotes around explicit values.
access.r.option Displays report in "across-the-page" mode.
access.reformat Reformats data to file or tape.
access.relational.operators Relational operators used in selection clauses.
access.retrieval.scheme Description of Access' sentence parser.
access.roll-on creates a visual "break" in output data when the value of a specified attribute changes, an improvement over the "break-on" command.
access.s-dump Dumps items to tape in sorted order.
access.sampling Limits the number of items processed to a given number. Creates list of items meeting specific criteria.
access.selection.criteria Description of Access selection criteria.
access.sellist Defines selection criteria portion of an Access sentence.
access.seqlist Definies collation sequence.
access.sort Sorts file.
access.sort-item Sorts item(s) in storage format.
access.sort-label Produces formatted and sorted labels.
access.sreformat Reformats data in sorted order to file or tape. Produces "spreadsheet" summary of values by dates.
access.sselect Creates sorted list of items meeting specific criteria.
access.stat Displays total and average of numeric field.
access.string.searching String searching.
access.sum Displays total of numeric field.
access.supp Suppresses default page heading.
access.t-dump Dumps items to tape.
access.t-load Loads data from t-dump format magnetic media.
access.tape Produces Access report from magnetic media.
access.tcl-supp Suppresses TCL command on printed output.
access.temporary.attribute.items references any attribute by its numberic attribute count.
access.the Throwaway connective.
access.throwaway.connectives Access no-ops. Summates columnar total. see "roll-on".
access.use.of.quotes How quotes work in Access.
access.user.exits List of Access user exits.
access.using Uses dictionary from different file in an Access sentence.
access.verbs General form of Access sentences.
access.with Defines selection criteria in Access sentence.
access.within Retrieves sub-list from items.
access.without Same as with no or with not.
access.y.option Displays Access "parsed" sentence parameters.
access.z.option Prints Access "parsed" sentence parameters.
collation.order Definition of collation order.
footing.options Description of footing options.
heading.options Description of heading options.
list.processor Access output-processing facility.
tcl.el Edits saved list using Update processor.
tcl.istat produces a graphcal representation of item-id distribution and suggests a new modulo.
tcl.l Synonym for "list". Invokes "sort-item" command.
ue.1070 Returns a checksum for the current item
ue.201e Returns the number of attributes in an item.
ue.2070 Returns the checksum value for the specified frame.
ue.3070 Returns PCB fid for the current process.
ue.5070 Converts a string in the form "xxx" to the form "xxx-000".
ue.508e Calls the "copy" processor from Access.
ue.6070 Inputs up to 100 characters.
ue.7070 Inputs up to 100 characters.
ue.8070 Returns a checksum for the current item
ue.9070 Toggles the Page/NoPage format.
ue.a070 Returns the specified value from a multi-valued set.
ue.c070 Returns the specified value from a multi-valued set.
wildcards allows Access to search for strings beginning with, ending with, or containing a given string.