Name Description
arithmetic.operators add, subtract, multiply, and divide numeric operands in arithmetic expressions.
array tables of values of any data type.
arrays.relational.expressions Description of array handling.
basic.! Logical "or" operator and remark line indicator.
basic." String delimiter.
basic.# "not equal to".
basic.$chain chains to another source item
basic.$include Alternate method of "include".
basic.$insert Inserts object module within object module.
basic.$insert$ Alternate method of "insert" (or "include").
basic.$options Sets compatibility options for the BASIC compiler.
basic.% Defines built-in C function.
basic.%accept Accept a connection on a socket.
basic.%alarm Sends SIGALRM to calling process after given delay.
basic.%bind Binds a name to a socket.
basic.%chdir Changes the current directory.
basic.%chmod Changes mode of given file.
basic.%chown Changes owner and group ID.
basic.%close Closes a Unix file.
basic.%close.apdos Closes an MS-DOS file.
basic.%connect Establishes a connection with a host through sockets.
basic.%creat Creates new Unix file, or rewrites to existing file.
basic.%dup Returns new file descriptor.
basic.%fclose Closes stream.
basic.%fdopen Associates stream with a file.descriptor.
basic.%fgetc Gets a character from a stream.
basic.%fgets Reads a C string from a stream.
basic.%fopen Opens a stream.
basic.%fprintf Writes formatted string on a stream.
basic.%fputc Puts a character on a stream.
basic.%fputs Writes a string on a stream.
basic.%free Frees memory.
basic.%freopen Reopens a stream.
basic.%fsize Gets the size of a file.
basic.%getenv Gets Unix environment variable.
basic.%gethostid Gets the unique identifier of the current host.
basic.%getpgrp Gets group id.
basic.%getpid Gets Unix Process id.
basic.%getppid Gets parent PID.
basic.%ioctl Special IO control.
basic.%kill Sends signal to process ID.
basic.%listen Listens for incoming connections and limits the backlog of incoming connections.
basic.%lseek Sets Unix file pointer.
basic.%lseek.apdos Sets MS-DOS file pointer.
basic.%malloc Allocates memory.
basic.%memccpy Copies memory up to a delimiter.
basic.%memcpy Copies memory.
basic.%memxcpy Copies memory and converts to hexadecimal.
basic.%open Opens a Unix file for reading or writing.
basic.%open.apdos Opens an MS-DOS file for reading or writing.
basic.%pause Suspends calling process until signal received.
basic.%pclose Closes a stream.
basic.%pgetpid Gets a Pick process PID.
basic.%popen Creates pipe between calling process and command.
basic.%putenv Assigns value to environment variable.
basic.%rdhex Reads a Unix file and translates to hexadecimal.
basic.%read Reads from a Unix file.
basic.%read.apdos Reads from an MS-DOS file.
basic.%semctl Performs semaphore control operations.
basic.%semget Creates a semaphore set.
basic.%semop Perform semaphore operation.
basic.%setflush Sets flush period.
basic.%shmat Attaches to a shared memory segment.
basic.%shmdt Detaches from a shared memory segment.
basic.%shmget Creates shared memory segment and returns identifier.
basic.%socket Creates a socket.
basic.%ttyname Returns a pointer to a terminal name.
basic.%unlink Removes a directory entry.
basic.%wait Waits for termination of child process.
basic.%whex Writes to a Unix file, converting into binary.
basic.%write Writes to a Unix file.
basic.%write.apdos Writes to a DOS file.
basic.& Logical "and" statement.
basic.' String delimiter.
basic.( used to surround arguments within functions, or to enclose subscript refererences within dimensioned arrays. It is also used to override the normal order of precedence evaluation.
basic.) surrounds arguments within functions, encloses subscript refererences within dimensioned arrays, and overrides the normal order of precedence evaluation.
basic.*.comment Remark line indicator.
basic.*.multiply Arithmetic multiply operator
basic.*.wildcard Wildcard array reference.
basic.*= Multiplies numeric expression and assigns to variable.
basic.+ Arithmetic operator (add). Also unary plus.
basic.+= Adds numeric expression and assigns to variable.
basic., Used to separate parameters in functions and to print tabstops with the "print" and "crt" statements.
basic.- Mathematical operator (subtract). Also unary minus.
basic.-= Subtracts numeric expression and assigns to variable.
basic./ Mathematical operator (divide).
basic./= Divides numeric expression and assigns to variable.
basic.: Concatenation operator.
basic.:= Concatenates expression and assigns to variable.
basic.; Program source line delimiter.
basic.< "Less than" operator and dynamic array reference symbol.
basic.<= "Less than or equal to" operator.
basic.<> "not equal to.
basic.= Logical "equal" operator or variable assignment.
basic.> Dynamic array reference symbol.
basic.>.logical Greater than operator
basic.>< Logical "not equal" operator.
basic.>= "Greater than or equal to" operator.
basic.@ see "@ function".
basic.@.functions Special cursor addressing functions.
basic.@AM returns a string containing an attribute mark.
basic.@FM returns a string containing an attribute mark.
basic.@SM returns a string containing a subvalue mark.
basic.@VM returns a string containing a value mark.
basic.abort Terminates program and PROC{s}.
basic.abs Returns absolute value. Derives an attribute count.
basic.access Interface between Access and Pick/BASIC.
basic.alpha Determines if string is alphabetic.
basic.and Boolean operator.
basic.arithmetic.expressions Arithmetic expressions.
basic.array.dimensioned a table where the contents of the elements can be altered (replaced) but the position of each element is fixed.
basic.array.dynamic A string variable delimited by reserved metacharacters.
basic.array.references Referencing arrays.
basic.array.variable References a dimensioned array.
basic.ascii Converts EBCDIC to ASCII.
basic.assigned Determines if variable has been assigned a value.
basic.assignment Assigns value to variable.
basic.aux Enables or disables spooling to the auxiliary port Starts a transaction
basic.break Enables or disables the break key. see "break".
basic.break.on Calls external Pick/BASIC subroutine.
basic.capturing Toggles output capturing. Disables output capturing.
basic.capturing.on Enables output capturing. Initiates the case statement.
basic.casing Enables or disables case sensitivity. Disables case sensitivity.
basic.casing.on Enables case sensitivity. Concatenates string expressions.
basic.cfunc can be called from a Pick/BASIC program or subroutine in AP/DOS and AP/Unix implementations using a syntax similar to that of normal C.
basic.cfunc.user user-supplied C or Assembly language code integrated into the Pick monitor and then called from BASIC using a C-like syntax.
basic.cfunction Declare a list of C functions.
basic.chain Transfers control to executable TCL expression.
basic.chap Provided for licensee compatibility, has no effect on Advanced Pick execution.
basic.char Returns ASCII character of numeric expression.
basic.clear Initializes all variables.
basic.cleardata Clears the data stack.
basic.clearfile Clears specified file.variable.
basic.clearselect clears the specified select list.
basic.close Closes file.
basic.col1 Returns beginning position derived from last "field" function.
basic.col2 Returns ending position derived from last field function. see "common".
basic.commit.transaction Commits a transaction
basic.common Declares common variables. Compares two dynamic arrays.
basic.conv.expression An expression which evaluates to a valid processing code.
basic.convert Converts characters.
basic.convertfn Converts characters.
basic.cos Returns cosine of numeric expression.
basic.count Counts number of occurences of a string within another string.
basic.crt Outputs expression to crt. Stacks strings for subsequent input(s). Returns system date in internal format.
basic.dcount Returns count of strings delimited by a given delimiter.
basic.debug Invokes Pick/BASIC debugger.
basic.default.files used by any file-access Pick/BASIC statement when a specific file variable is not specified.
basic.del Alternate method of "delete".
basic.delete.function Deletes element from array.
basic.delete.statement Deletes item from file.
basic.dim Declares a dimensioned array.
basic.dimension see "dim" Part of "loop" construct.
basic.dquote Extracts a double-quoted string from string.expression.
basic.dtx Converts decimal to hexadecimal.
basic.ebcdic Converts ASCII to EBCDIC.
basic.echo Toggles terminal echo. Turns off terminal character echo.
basic.else In-line initiator.
basic.end Compiler directive. Terminates case construct.
basic.enter Transfers control to cataloged program.
basic.equ Declares constants at compile time.
basic.equate Declares constants at compile time.
basic.error Displays error message.
basic.error() Returns TCL command line. converts characters
basic.execute Performs TCL command expression.
basic.execute.apdos Executes DOS command.
basic.execute.unix Executes Unix command from Pick/BASIC.
basic.exit Forces early exit from "loop" or "for ... next" construct.
basic.exp Returns exponent from numeric expression.
basic.extract Extracts element from array.
basic.field Returns substring from string expression.
basic.file Opens file and dimensions array.
basic.file.variable Defines file location from previous "open" statement.
basic.filelock Sets an exclusive file lock.
basic.fileunlock Releases an exclusive file lock.
basic.fmt formats a string
basic.fold Folds string.
basic.footing Defines report footing. Incremental loop function.
basic.for.while see "for ... next".
basic.functions elements in FlashBASIC or Pick/BASIC language expressions, returning a single value in place, as a function of the arguments. A function can be used anywhere a variable or expression is used. "Greater than or equal to" operator.
basic.get Gets raw characters from another port. Transfers execution to statement label.
basic.gosub Transfers control to local subroutine. "Greater than" operator.
basic.heading Defines report heading.
basic.hush Enables or disables hush mode.
basic.iconv Input conversion function. An expression which derives an item-id.
basic.if Initiates logical expression.
basic.ifr Initiates a multi-attribute logical expression. Inputs single character.
basic.include Includes object module within object module.
basic.index Returns numeric starting position of string within string.
basic.inmat returns information about arrays
basic.input@ Stops program to accept input.
basic.inputclear clears the input buffer
basic.inputctrl toggles ability to enter control characters.
basic.inputerr Used with "input" to display error message on status line.
basic.inputnull Defines null input character for input @.
basic.inputparity toggles status of extended character set.
basic.inputtrap.gosub Sets trap for input@ statement subroutine branches.
basic.inputtrap.goto Sets trap for input@ statement subroutine branches.
basic.ins Alternate method of "insert".
basic.insert Inserts element into array. Returns integer portion of numeric expression.
basic.key Locates item-id in a b-tree index.
basic.le "Less than or equal to" operator.
basic.len Returns number of characters in a string expression.
basic.let Optional assignment indicator.
basic.ln Returns natural log of numeric expression.
basic.locate Locates element in string expression.
basic.lock Sets execution lock.
basic.locked Takes "locked" path when group/item lock encountered.
basic.logical.expressions application of logical (Boolean) operators to relational or arithmetic expressions.
basic.loop Conditional loop function.
basic.loop.until Loops "until" condition is met. "less than" operator.
basic.masking.function Performs formatting of output data values.
basic.mat Assigns data to a dimensioned array.
basic.matbuild Converts dimensioned array to dynamic array.
basic.match Pattern matching function.
basic.matches Alternate to "match".
basic.matparse Converts dynamic array to dimensioned array.
basic.matread Reads item into dimensioned array.
basic.matreadu see "matread".
basic.matwrite Writes dimensioned array to file.
basic.matwriteu see "matwrite".
basic.maximum Returns the maximum of a list of numbers
basic.minimum Returns the minimum of a list of numbers
basic.mod Returns remainder from dividing two numbers. "not equal to". Terminates loop.
basic.not Negates a logical expression.
basic.nuclear.tokens Any function or expression may itself be an argument of another function or expression. The compiler evaluates expressions starting with the innermost set of parentheses.
basic.null No-op compiler directive.
basic.null.evaluation Evaluation of null.
basic.num Determines if string is numeric.
basic.num.expression An expression which evaluates to a number.
basic.occurs Locates strings which occur certain number of times.
basic.oconv Output conversion function.
basic.on.gosub Calculated gosub.
basic.on.goto Calculated goto.
basic.onerr Takes "error" path when media error encountered. Opens file for input and output.
basic.operators Operators * ! & = # - + / ^ < > [ ] ( )
basic.out Outputs single character Forces page eject.
basic.performance General Performance Tips for the Interpreter or FlashBASIC.
basic.precedence Precedence of compound expressions.
basic.precision Defines precision for calculations.
basic.print Outputs expression to printer or crt.
basic.print.on Directs output to specific report.
basic.printchar Outputs single character
basic.printer Toggles crt/Spooler output or closes entry.
basic.printer.close Directs "print" statement output to crt.
basic.printer.on Directs "print" statement output to Spooler.
basic.procread Reads primary input buffer.
basic.procwrite Writes primary input buffer.
basic.program Pick/BASIC no-op.
basic.prompt Defines input prompt character.
basic.pwr Exponentiates numeric expression.
basic.quotes String delimiter. Reads item into dimensioned or dynamic array.
basic.readnext Retrieves the next item-id from an active list.
basic.readt Reads one tape record.
basic.readtl Reads label from magnetic media.
basic.readtx Reads one tape record and displays in hexadecimal.
basic.readu see "read" or "matread".
basic.readv Reads one attribute and assigns to value.
basic.readvu see "readv".
basic.relational.expressions see "relational operators".
basic.relational.operators Returns the relationship between two expressions.
basic.release Releases group/item lock(s).
basic.rem.function Calculates remainder of two numeric expressions.
basic.rem.statement Defines user-specified remark.
basic.remove removes a substring delimited by a system delimiter
basic.repeat see "loop".
basic.replace Replaces element in string expression.
basic.replace.statement Maintains integrity of bridges.
basic.reserved.words intrinsic function names cannot be dimensionsed array names and special tokens cannot be used as variable names.
basic.return Returns control from a local or external subroutine.
basic.rewind Rewinds magnetic media.
basic.rnd Generates random number.
basic.rollback.transaction Rolls back a transaction.
basic.root Loads the root.variable with the root FID of the specified index.
basic.rqm Suspends processing for a specific amount of time. Derives a subvalue count.
basic.scan Searches the "string.expression" for attribute marks, value marks, subvalue marks, and up to 3 user specified search.delimiters. The search.delimiters must be separated by a system delimiter (' " ). Returns character position of first match, 0 if no matches. Evaluation of null and zero.
basic.secondary see "readnext". Creates internal active list.
basic.send Sends output to a specific port.
basic.sentence gets the tcl line
basic.seq Converts ASCII expression to numeric equivalent.
basic.sin Calculates sine of angle.
basic.sleep Suspends processing for a specific amount of time.
basic.sort Sorts a string of attributes or values.
basic.soundex Returns soundex value for specified string. Generates string of spaces.
basic.special.characters Reserved characters and their functions.
basic.spooler Provided for lisensee compatibility, always returns 0.
basic.spoolq Enables or disables the spooler entry number message
basic.sqrt Calculates square root.
basic.squote Extracts a single-quoted string from string.expression.
basic.statement.labels used as the destination of a "goto" or "gosub" statement.
basic.statements Definition of statements and functions.
basic.status returns the value of system(0).
basic.stop Terminates program.
basic.str Generates string of characters.
basic.string.expression An expression which evaluates to a string.
basic.subroutine Defines program as external subroutine.
basic.substring.assignment Assigns to a substring.
basic.substring.expressions Extracts from, or assigns to, a substring.
basic.substring.extraction Extracts from a substring. Assigns to a substring.
basic.sum Returns the sum of a list of numbers
basic.summation Returns the sum of a list of numbers
basic.swap Searches the "string.expression" for the "start"-th instance of the "search.string", then replaces "search.string" with "replacement.string" for the next "occurances" instances. If occurances is not specified, all occurances are replaced. If start is missing, the replacement starts with the first instance.
basic.system Displays status of system-controlled variables.
basic.ta Toggles or resets the type-ahead buffer.
basic.tan Calculates tangent of angle.
basic.tcl Performs TCL command expression.
basic.tclread Reads TCL command string into variable.
basic.then In-line initiator.
basic.then/else.construct provide program flow change based upon a boolean condition.
basic.time() Returns current time in internal format.
basic.timedate Returns time and date.
basic.transaction Enables or disables participation in a transaction.
basic.transaction.cache Enables or disables the transaction read cache.
basic.transaction.flush Enables or disables the transaction flush mechanism.
basic.trim Trims leading, trailing, and/or redundant characters from a string.
basic.trimb Removes trailing spaces from a string.
basic.trimf Removes leading spaces from a string.
basic.unlock Resets execution lock.
basic.until Part of "loop" and "for ... next" constructs.
basic.update.locks see "retrieval locks".
basic.user.exits List of Pick/BASIC user exits. Derives a value count.
basic.weof Writes an end-of-file mark to tape.
basic.while Part of "loop" and "for ... next".
basic.write Writes dynamic array to file.
basic.writet Writes a string to magnetic media.
basic.writeu see "write" or "matwrite".
basic.writev Writes one attribute.
basic.writevu Writes one attribute, without unlocking.
basic.xtd Converts hexadecimal number to decimal. Evaluation of zero.
basic.[ Substring extraction, assignment, or field store.
basic. String delimiter or arithmetic operator.
basic.= Divides numeric expression and assigns modulo (remainder) to variable.
basic.] Substring, or text string extraction.
basic.^ Mathematical operator (exponent).
capturing see "execute" and "get". Obtaining the internal information about compiles in AP. Obtaining the time and date of compiles in R83.
data.representation two types of data: numeric and string.
fatal.error.condition Definition of fatal Pick/BASIC error conditions.
flash.basic converts Pick/BASIC source code into a list of binary instructions called object code.
flash.basic.$log Log file for FlashBASIC compilation errors.
flash.basic.differences Differences between Interpreter and FlashBASIC Compiler.
flash.basic.error.logging Compilation error logging in FlashBASIC.
general.screen general description of screen utility
global.common See "common"
named.common a global, common, Pick/BASIC variable space used to store variables and arrays in the area identified by "id". Named common space is initialized only at logon and released at logoff.
non.fatal.error.condition an error which does not force termination of a program.
r83.source.files R83 Pick/BASIC files require a "DC" in attribute 1.
returning see "execute" and "get".
screen.display displays a screen and waits for a selection.
screen.erase erases a screen.
screen.init initializes the screen COMMON workspace.
screen.input input data from a formatted screen.
setting see "get" and "locate".
simple.variable See "variables".
statement.block one or more statements that follow a Pick/BASIC decision-path related token such as, but not limited to, "then", "else", "locked" and "onerr".
string.expressions A string of characters.
ue.$ returns monitor data requested by vendors
ue.$uex.get.buf Get a block of consecutive memory.
ue.$uex.rel.buf Release a consecutive block of memory.
ue.0003 Returns the TCL command invoking the Pick/BASIC program.
ue.0004 Returns term type in dynamic array format.
ue.0005 Clears the type-ahead buffer
ue.000e Gets the name of the currently logged-to account.
ue.0010 Creates a phantom process
ue.0011 Gets the port number of the scheduler process.
ue.001c Gets the number of attributes after a "matread".
ue.001f Returns the last "shutdown" status.
ue.0033 Converts a decimal number into a roman numeral.
ue.0039 Performs a disk read (PC BIOS "INT 13" call).
ue.0079 Returns "where" status.
ue.007a updates a binary item.
ue.0089 Converts a hex string to a binary string.
ue.009d Encodes or decodes a string of characters.
ue.009e Scans and replaces text.
ue.00b9 Returns a soundex value for a specified string.
ue.00ba Performs a write to the video controller card (PC BIOS "INT 10" call).
ue.014a Performs a disk read (PC BIOS "INT 13" call).
ue.014b Performs a disk write (PC BIOS "INT 13" call).
ue.017e Allow output of any character.
ue.0209 returns alphabetic and numeric characters only
ue.0358 Allows character input combined with an 'End Of Input' (EOI) character.
ue.1072 Sorts a dynamic array.
ue.10b9 Converts currency punctuation to "International".
ue.1209 Breaks a single line of text into multiple lines
ue.1f returns boot status
ue.20b9 Converts currency punctuation to "American".
ue.2117 Returns information about the current process.
ue.21a3 Opens a file, or reads the next attribute from a file.
ue.222d Retrieves the CC pointer item information
ue.28 Returns file-save count.
ue.3060 Encrypts a character string.
ue.3079 Returns the PCB fid or the port number for the current port.
ue.307a Suspends processing until a specified time.
ue.3090 Aborts a Pick/BASIC program.
ue.313c Returns the diskette drive type and density selected.
ue.352e Retrieves buffer status.
ue.3b Returns information about the port.
ue.3f Converts an ASCII hex-format string to binary and sends it to the printer.
ue.4070 Sends all subsequent output to the terminal.
ue.407a Suspends processing for a specified amount of time.
ue.4117 Returns the PCB fid for the current port.
ue.4209 parses the input into discreet words.
ue.50bb Returns the port number, user-id and current account name.
ue.5117 Returns the PCB fid for port 0.
ue.60ba Shuts down the Pick System.
ue.60bb Returns the user-id (in AP) and account name.
UE.6193 Shortens the input string to last 3 characters.
ue.63 Sets/Clears privilege bits
ue.65 Returns the estimated number of items in a file.
ue.7000 Returns the size of an item.
ue.70ba Forces system restart.
ue.7193 Date conversion.
ue.80ba Sets IBM keyboard on AP/Native and AP/DOS systems.
ue.819f returns the number of items selected by the most previous select.
ue.90 returns the file-of-files number for the previously access file.
ue.90e3 Flips the parity on the input
ue.91 reads and writes Pick shell variables.
ue.9116 Logs on a specified port.
ue.92 follows the links of a frame
ue.a0ba Sets IBM function keys on AP/Native and AP/DOS systems.
ue.a116 Logs off a specified port.
ue.b070 Returns the absolute value of a variable.
ue.b0ba Reads from a memory location.
ue.c0ba Writes to a memory location.
ue.d0ba Reads a character byte from a serial port.
ue.e0ba Writes a character byte out to a serial port.
ue.f070 Toggles multi-user mode and returns system information.
variables store a number, string, file descriptor, or select list, and may change dynamically throughout the execution of the program.
waiting see "get".