Name Description
multi.user.tape Multi-user tape discussion
tape.label Description of Pick tape labels.
tcl.chg-device Changes a device.
tcl.set-8mm Selects/attaches 8mm cartridge.
tcl.set-half Attaches half-inch tape drive to current process.
tcl.set-sct Attaches streaming cartridge tape to current process.
tcl.set-sct-dma Sets dma channel for sct.
tcl.set-tape-type Indicates type of half-inch tape drive.
tcl.t-act selects a previously attached tape device
tcl.t-att Attaches magnetic media unit to current process.
tcl.t-bck Moves magnetic media back one or more records.
tcl.t-bsf Backspace file(s).
tcl.t-bsr Backspace record(s).
tcl.t-cascade Cascades one tape device to another.
tcl.t-chk Checks tape for parity errors.
tcl.t-det Detaches tape or diskette drive.
tcl.t-eod Moves magnetic media to end of data.
tcl.t-erase Erases all data on a tape.
tcl.t-fsf Forward space file(s).
tcl.t-fsr Forward space record(s).
tcl.t-fwd Moves forward to next end of file mark.
tcl.t-link Cascades one tape device to another.
tcl.t-rdlbl Reads label from magnetic media.
tcl.t-read Reads and displays contents of magnetic media.
tcl.t-ret Invokes "t-reten" command.
tcl.t-reten Retensions sct.
tcl.t-rew Rewinds magnetic media.
tcl.t-select Attaches a "tape" device.
tcl.t-space Moves media forward "n" files.
tcl.t-stat reports the current attachment status of all tape devices.
tcl.t-unload Detaches half-inch tape from take-up spool.
tcl.t-verify Validates contents of save tape.
tcl.t-weof Writes eof on magnetic media.
tcl.t-wtlbl Writes label on magnetic media.