Name Description
filename.abs Contains Pick virtual code.
filename.acc Synonym for "accounts" file.
filename.acc._rp System accounting history file.
filename.accounts Contains history of computer usage.
filename.bc Synonym for "block-convert".
filename.block-convert Contains definitions for big characters used in "block-print".
filename.bp Pick/BASIC source code file.
filename.bsym Pick/BASIC symbolic cross-reference file.
filename.bulletin Display messages at logon.
filename.cap-file Captures output from "converse".
filename.clashes File used by "update-md". Used by the "zc" processing code.
filename.devices Contains terminal & printer device drivers.
filename.devs Device file. Synonym for "bp" file.
filename.dv Synonym for "devices" file. Synonym for "errors" file.
filename.errmsg Q-pointer to "messages" file.
filename.errors Contains system error messages.
filename.ff Synonym for "file-of-files" file.
filename.file-of-files Statistical information on all files.
filename.files Synonym for "file-of-files" file. Synonym for "funckeys" file.
filename.fof Synonym for "file-of-files" file.
filename.fonts see "download".
filename.funckeys Contains function key definitions.
filename.gsym Global symbol file.
filename.iomap-file Used by "set-iomap" for keyboard input and output translation.
filename.jb Synonym for "jobs" file. Contains information on phantom jobs.
filename.kb Synonym for "keyboards" file. Keyboard-mapping file.
filename.kb.pc Keyboard-mapping file.
filename.keyboards Defines keyboard layouts. Contains the vocabulary for an account.
filename.mds Highest level file in Advanced Pick.
filename.messages Contains system messages.
filename.msgs Synonym for "messages" file. pointer to the "hosts" file.
filename.newac Contains items for new accounts.
filename.pb Synonym for "pibs" file. Synonym for "pointer-file" file.
filename.pibs Contains device specifications for each port.
filename.pointer-file Contains saved lists.
filename.psym Synonym to "gsym".
filename.resizing contains information about files currently being resized.
filename.restore-errors File used to record errors during restore.
filename.state Used by the "zc" processing code.
filename.sysprog-bp Q-pointer to "dm,bp,".
filename.sysprog-pl Q-pointer to "dm,bp,"
filename.system Synonym for "mds" file.
filename.system-errors Synonym for "errors" file.
filename.tcl-stack Description of the TCL command stack.
filename.ts Synonym for "tcl-stack" file. Contains results of t-verify.
filename.users Description of the "users" file. Used by "verify-index".
filename.words Used by the spelling checker.
filename.wsym Used by the OP "x" option.
filename.zcf The "zip code file" provided with the Pick System.
hotkey.all Specifies the name of a subroutine to execute when a hot key is used.
ulk References the update-lock attribute of a item.