Name Description
<ctrl>j Steps "into" next executable instruction.
<ctrl>n Steps "over" next executable instruction.
basic.debugger.# Displays error message number (item-id)
basic.debugger.$ Displays current program name and line number.
basic.debugger.$! Displays call stack.
basic.debugger.? Displays current program name and line number.
basic.debugger.?! Displays call stack.
basic.debugger.b Sets breakpoint condition.
basic.debugger.c Toggles source line display feature.
basic.debugger.d Displays trace and break table. Invokes virtual debugger from Pick/BASIC debugger.
basic.debugger.debug Invokes virtual debugger from Pick/BASIC debugger.
basic.debugger.down Moves down the call stack.
basic.debugger.e Sets number of instructions to execute before entering debugger.
basic.debugger.edit Edits FlashBASIC source code.
basic.debugger.end Ends program execution.
basic.debugger.g Resumes execution or "goes to" specific line number. Produces quick-summary list of debugger commands.
basic.debugger.k Kills breakpoint.
basic.debugger.l Lists program source line(s).
basic.debugger.lp Toggles printer output status.
basic.debugger.n Executes through "n" breakpoints before stopping. Terminates program and logs process off.
basic.debugger.overview facilitates the debugging of new Pick/BASIC programs and the maintenance of existing Pick/BASIC programs.
basic.debugger.p Toggles terminal output.
basic.debugger.pc Closes and releases Spooler entry.
basic.debugger.r Removes top subroutine address from stack.
basic.debugger.return Returns from current subroutine.
basic.debugger.s Displays subroutine stack.
basic.debugger.t Establishes trace table entry.
basic.debugger.u Removes trace table entry
basic.debugger.up Moves up the call stack.
basic.debugger.v Verifies Pick/BASIC object code.
basic.debugger.variable.references References string and array variables.
basic.debugger.z Establishes location of source program.
basic.debugger.[] Sets zone output specification.
basic.debugger. Displays variable or integer in FlashBASIC debugger.
basic.debugger.] See "[".