Name Description
access.text.extraction Text extraction function.
index.fdi See "i (index, File-defining item)".
index.local See "i (index, local)".
pc.a Defines algebraic processing expression.
pc.algebraic see the "a" processing code.
pc.b Defines horizontal file relationship.
pc.bridge see the "b" processing code.
pc.c Concatenates elements to form output. Calls Pick/BASIC subroutine from dictionary.
pc.callx Calls Pick/BASIC subroutine any time an item is filed.
pc.character.update see the "cu" processing code.
pc.concatenate see the "c" processing code.
pc.controlling Defines controlling attribute. Allows individual character replacement.
pc.d Date conversion. see the "d" processing code.
pc.dependent Defines dependent attribute.
pc.f Defines functional expression.
pc.function see the "f" processing code.
pc.g Extracts one or more groups from a string. see the "g" processing code. Assigns item-id in Update processor.
pc.if Conditional correlative for adi's.
pc.index.fdi Maintains the root.fid of the index.
pc.index.local Defines local b-tree index.
pc.index.remote Defines remote b-tree index.
pc.l Various length processing functions.
pc.m Mask numeric/string functions. Mask character functions. Mask character non-alpha. Mask character not alpha-numeric Mask character non-numeric. Mask character non-alpha-numeric
pc.mca Mask character alphabetic.
pc.mcan Mask character alpha-numeric
pc.mcdx Mask convert decimal to hexadecimal
pc.mcl Mask character lower case.
pc.mcn Mask character numeric conversion.
pc.mcna Mask character alpha-numeric
pc.mcp Mask character printable.
pc.mcs Capitalizes first word of each sentence.
pc.mct Capitalizes each word in value.
pc.mcu Mask characters to upper case.
pc.mcxd Converts hexadecimal to decimal.
pc.mi Defines "input-required" field in UP. see "m (mask) Processing Code". Converts decimal to packed decimal and back. see "m (mask) Processing Code". Mask sequence function. Mask time conversion.
pc.must.input see the "mi" processing code. Mask hexadecimal function. Mask hexadecimal to ASCII function.
pc.o Sorts values in ascending order.
pc.p Performs pattern match.
pc.pattern.match see the "p" processing code.
pc.r Specifies acceptable range.
pc.range see the "r" processing code.
pc.s Substitutes values for nulls or zeros.
pc.substitution Substitution function.
pc.text.extract Text extraction function.
pc.translate Translate function.
pc.u See "user exits, Access".
pc.v Used in within connective.
pc.value.limit Sets maximum value count.
pc.x Designates a "display-only" field.
pc.x.stamp Defines various update stamps.
pc.xc centers the input string in a field of spaces.
pc.xi Forces input conversion
pc.xo forces output conversion
pc.xr Produce running sub-total
pc.xt Toggles conversion direction
pc.y.stamp stamps user, pib, and time/date update information into an internal item header from all processors. Displays in "Assembly" format.
pc.zc Retrieves city, state and zip. see the "zc" processing code.
translate.code see "t (translate)".