Name Description How to install help.
dummy.restore Validates integrity of save media. Validates integrity of save media.
line.continuation.character Extends command line another 140 characters.
paragraph.* implements a comment in a paragraph
paragraph.<< gets input in a paragraph
paragraph.>> stacks data within a paragraph
paragraph.if conditional branch statement in a paragraph
paragraph.introduction A macro langage allowing simple input and branching
paragraph.loop Indicates the beginning of a loop in a paragraph.
paragraph.repeat restarts execution at the previous loop statement in a paragraph.
paragraph._ the line continuation character in a paragraph
tcl.!.unix Creates Unix shell and issues command.
tcl.. Invokes DOS shell.
tcl.:absload Reload abs section from file-save media.
tcl.:apmenu Menu processor that allows the use of arrow keys.
tcl.:bootstrap Verb called from "bootstrap".
tcl.:ent-link Create links and associations
tcl.:ent-list List system entities
tcl.:ent-mon Monitor data sent to an entity
tcl.:ent-status displays the status of an entity, device or PIB.
tcl.:files Restores entire file system from "file-save" media.
tcl.:init-network Stops all local network servers and restarts them.
tcl.:kill-network Stops all local network servers.
tcl.:kill-node Stops all local network servers.
tcl.:reclaim-ovf see "reclaim-ovf"
tcl.:reset-async Resets current or all ports.
tcl.:restart-node Stops all local network servers and restarts them.
tcl.:scrub-ovf see "init-ovf".
tcl.:shutdown Activates system shutdown sequence.
tcl.:start-network Starts all local network servers.
tcl.:swd Switches "e" pointer(s) to "d" pointer(s).
tcl.:swe Switches "e" pointer(s) to d-pointer(s).
tcl.:swx Switches "d-pointer" to "dx-pointer".
tcl.:swz Switches "d-pointer" to "dz-pointer".
tcl.:taskinit Allocates workspace for execute.
tcl.@ indicates a Pick shell variable
tcl.abs-dump Dumps the abs file to tape
tcl.abs.fid Displays current abs information.
tcl.absdump See "abs-dump".
tcl.account-maint Invokes account maintenance menu.
tcl.account-restore Restores one account.
tcl.account-save Saves one account to magnetic media.
tcl.acct1 Subroutine used in "create-account".
tcl.acct2 Subroutine used in "create-account".
tcl.acct3 Subroutine used in "create-account".
tcl.add Adds integer numbers.
tcl.add-font Adds printer font.
tcl.addd Invokes "add" command.
tcl.addenda Displays operating system enhancements.
tcl.addendum Displays information on operating system features.
tcl.addx Adds hexadecimal numbers.
tcl.admin Invokes System Administrator Menu.
tcl.admin.control Invokes system administraor menu.
tcl.admin.files Menu for saves and restores.
tcl.admin.maint Menu for maintaining accounts.
tcl.admin.status Menu for various system reports.
tcl.admin.tape This menu on the dm account is used for tape control.
tcl.admin.tape.setup This menu on the dm account will allows assigning the various types of tape devices.
tcl.alarm Invokes recurring task scheduler.
tcl.b/list Formats and displays Pick/BASIC source listings.
tcl.basic Invokes "compile" with upper / lower case insensitivity.
tcl.basic-prot Displays status of or toggles Pick/BASIC object protection.
tcl.basic-prot-off Turns off Pick/BASIC object protection scheme.
tcl.basic-prot-on Invokes Pick/BASIC object protection scheme.
tcl.beep Beeps until any key is pressed.
tcl.bformat reformats a Pick/BASIC source item
tcl.blist Formats and displays Pick/BASIC source listings.
tcl.blkio Set the IO blocking factor
tcl.block-print Produces banner on crt or printer.
tcl.bootstrap Reloads O/S from an operational system.
tcl.break-key Enables or disables break key.
tcl.break-key-off Invokes "break-key" with "f" option.
tcl.break-key-on Invokes "break-key" with "n" option.
tcl.brk-debug Causes the break key to enter the system or Pick/BASIC debugger.
tcl.brk-level Causes the break key to push a level.
tcl.buf-map Displays a map of the buffers.
tcl.buffers Displays virtual memory buffer status.
tcl.buffers.g Produces histogram of system performance.
tcl.bulletin.board Displays "bulletins" during logon sequence.
tcl.caf Subroutine used in "create-account".
tcl.cai Subroutine used in "create-account". Invokes "!exec cal"
tcl.capt Enables or disables TCL command capturing.
tcl.capture-off Disables TCL command capturing.
tcl.capture-on Enables TCL command capturing. Toggles effect of upper/lower case sensitivity. Converts case of items in file Invokes "case" command with "f" option. Invokes "case" command with "n" option. Displays size and fid of object pointers.
tcl.catalog Creates "verb" item for a Pick/BASIC program. Change directory. Invokes "create-file" command.
tcl.charge-to Terminates charges accumulation on current process.
tcl.charges Displays total time logged on and cpu activity statistics.
tcl.check-account Performs dummy save.
tcl.check-dx Checks entire file system for "dx", "dy" or "dl" files.
tcl.check-file checks a file for corruption
tcl.check-files Performs "dummy" account-save.
tcl.check-resizing completes re-hashing files in the process of being resized.
tcl.check-ws Checks workspace for specified port.
tcl.checkfiles see "check-files".
tcl.chksum Creates check-sums for all or selected items in a file.
tcl.choose.term Selects terminal type. Invokes "copy-list" command"
tcl.cleanpibs Clears tandem connects for all ports.
tcl.clear-basic-locks Invokes command: "clear-locks (b".
tcl.clear-file Clears dict or data section of specified file.
tcl.clear-index Clears all but null root of specified b-tree index.
tcl.clear-jobs deletes items from the dm,jobs, file that have completed, or that have been logged off.
tcl.clear-locks Clears locks.
tcl.clock Displays and updates the hardware and software clocks.
tcl.cls Clears screen.
tcl.cmdu Shows last command for each user.
tcl.coldstart System coldstart procedure.
tcl.coldstart.log Logs coldstart status.
tcl.coldstart_rp User coldstart procedure.
tcl.color Changes foreground, background colors and effects.
tcl.comment Performs cursor control and screen display functions. Compares items. Compares two lists for intersections.
TCL.COMPILE Compiles with upper/lower case insensitivity.
tcl.compile-catalog Compiles and catalogs Pick/BASIC program.
tcl.compile-run Compiles and runs a Pick/BASIC program.
tcl.compile.catalog Compiles and catalogs Pick/BASIC program.
TCL.CONFIG Invokes configuration menu.
tcl.config.core Configures Pick memory usage.
tcl.config.disk Configure disk.
tcl.config.flush Configures flush parameters.
tcl.config.options Configures various options.
tcl.config.ports Configures port/phantom usage.
tcl.config.rp Displays system configuration information. Configures user and group access rights.
tcl.config.tape Configure tapes.
tcl.control-chars Toggles ability to enter control characters at input.
tcl.conv-case Converts item-ids to upper/lower case.
tcl.converse Connects current process to given device.
tcl.copy Copies items to output devices or between files.
tcl.copy-list Copies previously saved lists.
tcl.cp Copies items to printer.
tcl.create Creates file, adi's and invokes UP.
tcl.create-abs Sets aside disk space for new abs area.
tcl.create-account Creates a new account.
tcl.create-account_rp Creates new account.
tcl.create-bfile Creates "dc"-type file pointer for Pick/BASIC source and object code.
tcl.create-file Creates a new file.
tcl.create-file_rp Adds file.
tcl.create-index Creates new b-tree index.
tcl.create-macro Creates macro from "top" (last) command on TCL stack.
tcl.create-nqptrs Creates "dm" "q-pointers" in "dm,newac,".
tcl.create.account Invokes the "create-account" program.
tcl.cross-index Generates assembler cross-reference index.
tcl.crt-delimiters Enables/Disables the display of attribute and value marks.
tcl.cs Clears display screen.
tcl.ct Copies items to terminal.
tcl.currency Demonstrates currency conversions.
tcl.cvtcpy Convert tapes Converts dates to various formats. Calls external subroutine to iconv date argument.
tcl.db Invokes "debug" command.
tcl.dcd Toggles dcd.
tcl.dcd-off Invokes "dcd" command with "f" option.
tcl.dcd-off_rp Disables data carrier detect.
tcl.dcd-on Invokes "dcd" command with "n" option.
tcl.dcd-on_rp Enables data carrier detect.
tcl.dcd_rp Displays character detect status.
tcl.debug Enters virtual or Pick/BASIC debugger.
tcl.decatalog Decatalogs Pick/BASIC program(s).
tcl.define-terminal Adds or modifies terminal types and drivers.
tcl.define-up Front-end for defining your keyboard for the Update processor.
tcl.del-acc Program used in delete-account.
TCL.DELETE Deletes item(s) from file.
tcl.delete-account Procedure to remove account.
tcl.delete-file Deletes file from account.
tcl.delete-index Deletes b-tree index.
tcl.delete-list Deletes previously saved lists.
tcl.delete.account Invokes delete-account. Attaches a port to the current port. Detaches a port from the current port. Create an entity Remove an entity from the system
tcl.df Invokes "delete-file" command.
tcl.diag Invokes diagnostic utility.
tcl.dialer manages the dialer subsystem
tcl.dialer-copy queue items for copy to a remote system
tcl.dir.apdos DOS directory utility.
tcl.dir.pick DOS directory utility.
tcl.disc Disconnect from virtual machine.
tcl.disk-usage Displays inoformation about overflow.
tcl.display Display line from macro.
tcl.div Divides integer numbers.
tcl.divd Invokes "div" command.
tcl.divx Divides hexadecimal numbers.
tcl.dl Invokes "delete-list" command. The logon macro for the "dm" account. Description of the TCL dot stacker. Downloads fonts to a laser printer.
tcl.dtr Converts a value to a specified radix.
tcl.dtr-off Drops dtr.
tcl.dtr-on Brings up dtr.
tcl.dtx Converts decimal number to hexadecimal.
tcl.dump Dumps frame(s) to screen or printer.
tcl.ecc Display/set/reset error correcting code on current device.
tcl.echo Toggles terminal echo.
tcl.ed Invokes line editor.
tcl.edit Invokes line editor.
tcl.edit-list Edits saved list using line editor.
tcl.edit.commands TCL stacker commands.
tcl.end Ends process. Sets up epson printer characteristics.
tcl.esc-data Makes escape key behave normal.
tcl.esc-level Makes escape key push a level.
tcl.esc-toggle Toggles between esc-level and esc-data.
tcl.estimate-count Swaps item-ids.
tcl.exec Changes to specified abs area.
tcl.exit Logs off process and disconnects.
tcl.f-resize Calculates a new recommended modulo for the requested files.
tcl.f.modulo prompts for estimated file characteristics.
tcl.fc Displays status of flow control.
tcl.fc-off Disables flow control.
tcl.fc-on Enables flow control.
tcl.fdisk Activates partition manager menu.
tcl.fid Display frame information.
tcl.field will print out the Nth word in a list of words
tcl.file-save System backup process.
tcl.file-save_rp System backup process.
tcl.filecomp Compares two files.
tcl.find Searches and selects items containing specific strings.
tcl.find2 Invokes program "search-system"
tcl.find_rp Searches and selects items containing specific strings.
tcl.fkeys Defines function keys.
tcl.fl Forms single list from two lists.
tcl.flush Flushes write-required frames to disk.
tcl.font-parms Utility to transform font parameters.
tcl.format Formats floppy diskette.
tcl.format.pick Invoked by the "format" command.
tcl.frame-fault Tests write frame faults. Displays available disk space for Pick and Unix.
tcl.fuser Display ownership info on a device.
tcl.generic-restore restores a specially formatted account-save
tcl.get-fof returns the file-of-files item-id for the specified file
tcl.get-list Retrieves previously saved list.
tcl.get.pick Gets name of program curently executing. Invokes "get-list" command. Displays group statistics.
tcl.halt-system Immediately shuts down system. Description of "help" system. Macro to display one or more help items. Manage a hot backup configuration.
tcl.hush Toggles terminal echo.
tcl.import Imports Unix file(s) to Pick item(s).
tcl.indexer Creates b-tree indices for account.
tcl.init-abs Initializes abs area.
tcl.init-ovf Writes Pick signature on every available frame.
tcl.init-pibs assign all ports a term type
tcl.initovf Checks high-water mark and executes "init-ovf" if needed.
tcl.inputwait Waits for input in a macro with a time out.
tcl.inter Displays or changes interactive timeslice setting.
tcl.introduction Description of TCL. Selects items from group using "item" verb.
tcl.isselect Selects and sorts items from group using item verb.
tcl.item Displays group to which item hashes.
tcl.itemlist* Specifies list of item-ids for TCL2 processes. Determines status of phantom jobs.
tcl.kill Front end to Unix "kill" command.
tcl.kill-resizing stops all currently active resizing processes.
tcl.last.command Retrieves last-executed TCL command.
tcl.last.tcl.entry Lists last TCL entry from errors file.
tcl.ld Displays sorted file dictionary.
tcl.ldf Displays attribute summary descriptions.
tcl.legend Toggles status of "legend" output.
tcl.legend-off Invokes "legend" command with "f" option.
tcl.legend-on Invokes "legend" command with "n" option.
tcl.lerrs Produces reports from the "errors" file.
tcl.level.pushing Description of level pushing.
tcl.lf Invokes "list-files" command.
tcl.lfd Lists file descriptions from specified file.
tcl.lfs Produces file statistics report. Invokes "list-item" command. Links the port to the device#. Relinks process workspace(s).
tcl.list-abs Produces report from "abs" file.
tcl.list-acc Invokes "listacc" command.
tcl.list-commands Sorts and displays verbs from specified md (account name).
tcl.list-conn Invokes "listconn" command.
tcl.list-device Lists Unix devices used as 'tapes'.
tcl.list-dict Invokes "listdict" command.
tcl.list-errors Sorts contents of the "errors" file.
tcl.list-file-access displays file access statistics
tcl.list-file-stats Generates file statistics report.
tcl.list-files Lists files in specified account.
tcl.list-jobs Displays information about phantom processes.
tcl.list-lines Lists all port baudrates, parity, bits setup.
tcl.list-lists Sorts saved-lists in "pointer-file".
tcl.list-lock-que See "list-lockq".
tcl.list-lock-queue Invokes "list-lockq" command.
tcl.list-lockq Display processes waiting to lock a frame
tcl.list-locks Displays status of all locks.
tcl.list-locks_rp Displays status of all locks.
tcl.list-logoffs Lists history of logoff commands.
tcl.list-macros Displays macros from specified (md) filename.
tcl.list-menu Displays Pick "menu" items.
tcl.list-menus Lists menus from specified filename.
tcl.list-obj Output descriptive internal information about compiled FlashBASIC or Pick/BASIC programs.
tcl.list-pibs Sorts and displays information from pibs file.
tcl.list-ports Displays port communication parameters.
tcl.list-procs Invokes "listprocs" command.
tcl.list-resizing lists the status of files currently being resized.
tcl.list-restore-errors Displays errors recorded during a restore.
tcl.list-system-errors Produces report from from the "errors" file.
tcl.list-tandems List devices in tandem.
tcl.list-users Displays currently active users.
tcl.list-verbs Invokes "listverbs" command.
tcl.list.lines Invokes "list-lines" command.
tcl.listacc Displays system usage report.
tcl.listacc_rp Displays system usage report.
tcl.listc Lists item-ids in four-column format.
tcl.listconn Displays connectives in account.
tcl.listf Invokes "list-files" command.
tcl.listfiles Lists file pointers from specified file/account.
tcl.listprocs Displays proc's in specified file.
tcl.listprocs_rp Displays PROC's in specified file.
tcl.listusers_rp Displays currently active users.
tcl.listu_rp Displays currently active users.
tcl.listverbs Invokes "listverbs" command.
tcl.ll_rp see "list-lines".
tcl.lm Invokes "list-menu" command.
tcl.load.mon Invokes "load.mon2" command.
tcl.load.mon2 This tells the System Administrator who is doing what to whom.
tcl.lock-break Enables or Disables the ability to unconditionally break during a lock failure.
tcl.lock-break-off Disables breaking during lock failure.
tcl.lock-break-on Enables breaking during lock failure.
tcl.lock-frame Corelocks specified fid.
tcl.log-msg Logs message(s) to errors file.
tcl.log-status Displays status of transaction logger.
tcl.logoff Terminates session on specified port.
tcl.logoff.error Returns logoff reason.
tcl.logon Initiates process on specified port.
tcl.logon-lock turns on or off the logon lockout.
tcl.logon_rp Initiates process on specified port number.
tcl.logto Logs to another account.
tcl.loop Loops continuously on any TCL command.
tcl.loop-on Invokes "loop" command.
tcl.loop-on_rp Repeats TCL command indefinitely.
tcl.lp Invokes "list-pibs" command.
tcl.lre see "list-restore-errors". Invokes "list-users" command.
tcl.maxusers Displays/sets maximum number of Pick users. invokes the "account-restore" command.
tcl.mds.type Chooses default macro attributes to display.
tcl.message see "send-message".
tcl.mirror Directs output from "master" to one or more "slave" terminals.
tcl.mlist Formatted assembler listing utility.
tcl.mload Loads assembled object code.
tcl.mmvideo Utility to test memory mapped monitor.
tcl.modem-off Invokes "xonoff" command with "f" option.
tcl.modem-off_rp Disables flow control on current port.
tcl.modem-on Invokes "xonoff" command with "n" option.
tcl.modem-on_rp Enables flow control.
tcl.monitor-status Gets monitor statistics and buffer table information.
tcl.mono Directs output to mono or changes visual attributes.
tcl.move-file Moves file.
tcl.msg see "send-message".
tcl.mul Multiplies integer numbers.
tcl.muld Invokes "mul" command.
tcl.mulx Multiplies haxadecimal numbers.
tcl.mverify Validates assembler code integrity.
tcl.n.option Outputs without pausing at end of each page. Sets error handling behavior when accessing remote files. displays statistics on local network usage. Manage a network configuration. displays remote files opened by a line.
tcl.nframe-index Displays total number of frames used by index or indices. Terminates session.
tcl.okidata Okidata printer setup menu.
tcl.op Invokes OP on specified item(s).
tcl.options Standard TCL options.
tcl.overflow Displays the total number of available frames.
tcl.ovf Invokes "overflow" command.
tcl.p Toggles terminal output.
tcl.p.option Directs output to printer.
tcl.pack Packs items together for transmission.
tcl.password Modifies user/account password(s).
tcl.password_rp Modifies account password(s).
tcl.pc Invokes DOS or Unix shell.
tcl.penv prints the current Pick shell variables.
tcl.phantom-reset Resets selected phantom lines back to 'available'.
tcl.phantom-status Displays all phantom lines.
tcl.pibstat Returns settings of PIB Status bits.
tcl.pick-setup Sets administrative aspects of system. Displays selected pid.
tcl.pitch-compile Compiles font pitch table.
tcl.pitch-table Builds pitch table.
tcl.poke Sends input to another port.
tcl.povf_rp Displays available space.
tcl.power-off Performs orderly system shutdown sequence. Displays prime number.
tcl.print-err Displays effect of error message.
tcl.print-error Prints error message from stacked data statements.
tcl.print-filter Controls ways to print or display attribute and value marks.
tcl.printronix Sets vfu on printronix printers.
tcl.prio Displays activation parameters.
tcl.prompt Prompts to "continue" or "quit" process.
tcl.prompt.character TCL prompt character.
tcl.psh Execute a Unix command and capture the results.
tcl.psr Gets process status.
tcl.pverify Verifies Pick/BASIC object code.
tcl.qselect Creates active list from item(s).
tcl.r83.setup Sets user options to r83 defaults.
tcl.r83dump A version of the "UVdump" program designed for use on R83-based licensee systems.
tcl.reblock-ovf Re-shuffles the overflow table.
tcl.reboot Forces system restart.
tcl.rebuild-ovf Rebuilds overflow table.
tcl.reclaim-ovf Initializes the Pick overflow reclamation process.
tcl.recover-fd Recovers deleted item
tcl.recover-item Recovers last item deleted by the Update processor.
tcl.rem Designates a comment within a macro.
tcl.rename-file Changes filename and updates pointers.
tcl.renumber renumbers a source program
tcl.reset-port Initializes specified port.
tcl.reset-user Reinitializes a process
tcl.resize resizes a file to the desired modulo.
tcl.restore-accounts Restores accounts which don't already exist.
tcl.ri Invokes "recover-item" command.
tcl.rnf Invokes "rename-file" command.
tcl.rtd Converts radix to decimal. Activates compiled Pick/BASIC program. Runs series of programs.
tcl.runoff invokes Runoff processor for output. Invokes backup process. Saves active list.
tcl.scrub-ovf Searches file for items containing specific string(s). Searches file for up to 15 different strings. Searches entire file system or files in a given account for items containing specific string(s).
tcl.sel-restore Restores item(s) from save media.
tcl.send-message Verb invoked by "msg" and "message".
tcl.set modifies the value of a Pick user shell variable.
tcl.set-abs Link the ABS file to the boot ABS area.
tcl.set-batch Lists batch status or sets new trigger.
tcl.set-batchdly Sets batch delay trigger and sleeps.
tcl.set-baud Adjusts baud rate for specific port.
tcl.set-break Sets the value of "brkchr" for the current process.
tcl.set-cmem Sets the memory size used for basic/c.
tcl.set-date Changes system date.
tcl.set-date-eur Toggles date display to dd/mm/yy format.
tcl.set-date-format Changes date display/input format.
tcl.set-date-std Toggles date display to mm/dd/yy format.
tcl.set-device Attaches device (sct/floppy/half) on AIX.
tcl.set-dptr Set D pointer attributes.
tcl.set-esc Sets the value of escape character for the current process.
tcl.set-file Creates temporary "q-pointer" called "qfile".
tcl.set-floppy Attaches floppy diskette drive to current process.
tcl.set-flush Sets the flush period.
tcl.set-func Assigns function keys on port 0.
tcl.set-func.sco Sets PC keyboard for SCO/ATT/Unix.
tcl.set-imap Sets a input/output translation table.
tcl.set-incremental Enables/Disables the incremental save.
tcl.set-incremental-off Disables the incremental save.
tcl.set-incremental-on Enables the incremental save.
tcl.set-iomap PC/OA setting keyboard for all serial lines.
tcl.set-kbrd Defines keyboard type for port 0.
tcl.set-kbrd.sco Sets PC keyboard for SCO/Unix.
tcl.set-keys Sets keyboard keys on port 0.
tcl.set-lptr Adjusts communication paramaters for parallel printers.
tcl.set-num-format Designates currency sign locally or globally.
tcl.set-ovf-local Manipulates the local overflow cache.
tcl.set-ovf-reserve Reserves extra overflow space.
tcl.set-port Adjusts baud rate and communication parameters for specific port.
tcl.set-runaway-limit Sets/displays runaway overflow limit.
tcl.set-shutdown-delay Sets system shutdown delay.
tcl.set-sound Sets console sound level.
tcl.set-sym Designates symbol table to use with virtual debugger.
tcl.set-term Sets default system terminal and printer characteristics.
tcl.set-time Sets system clock.
tcl.set.lptr see "set-lptr".
tcl.set.time "set.time" is the actual TCL verb invoked by the "set-time" program.
tcl.setpib0 Resets port 0 terminal type.
tcl.setport Sets all ports except 0 to 9600 baud, no parity, 1 stop, 8 bits.
tcl.setup-printer Downloads the fonts for a form-queue and/or printer.
tcl.setup.rtc Invokes "start.rtc" command.
tcl.setup.sio Alter parity and start/stop bits. Invokes DOS or Unix shell.
tcl.shp-kill Kill a shared printer.
tcl.shp-status Display shared printer status.
tcl.shpstat Manipulates shared program status.
TCL.SHUTDOWN Invokes orderly system shutdown procedure.
tcl.sleep Suspends processing for a specific amount of time.
tcl.slice Sets timeslice. see "send-message".
tcl.snake Prints "snake" on screen.
tcl.sort-list Retrieves, sorts and rewrites previously saved list.
tcl.sort-users Invokes program "list-users".
tcl.sortc Sorts item-ids in four-column format. Invokes program "listc".
tcl.sortu Invokes "list-users".
tcl.soundex Demonstrates soundex conversion.
tcl.speller Toggles spelling checker on or off.
tcl.speller-off Invokes "speller" command with an "f" option.
tcl.speller-on Invokes "speller" command with an "n" option.
tcl.stack Toggles TCL command stack on or off.
tcl.stack-off Invokes "stack" command with an "f" option.
tcl.stack-on Invokes "stack" command with an "n" option.
tcl.stack.definition Description of the TCL command stacker.
tcl.start-reclaim-ovf Activates the overflow reclamation process.
tcl.start.rtc Starts real time clock.
tcl.start.rtc.unix Sets Pick time equal to Unix time. Starts Spooler and Scheduler.
tcl.startlog Invokes the transaction logger utility.
tcl.status-port Invokes program "set-port".
tcl.steal-file Moves file from another account to current account.
tcl.stoplog Stops transaction logger.
tcl.stopsched Deactivates the phantom scheduler.
tcl.strip-source Removes assembler source from object.
tcl.sub Subtracts integer numbers.
tcl.subd Invokes "sub" command.
TCL.SUBR.ADAPTOR.TEST Returns a non-zero value in card.exists if the video adaptor specified in adaptor exists.
tcl.subx Subtracts hexadecimal numbers.
tcl.summ Prints output depending on type of md item.
tcl.syschk Check a running system
tcl.sysid displays system configuration, options, and features.
tcl.system-coldstart Performs startup commands after booting Pick.
tcl.t-status Displays magnetic media attachment status.
tcl.ta Displays status of type-ahead buffer.
tcl.ta-off Invokes "type-ahead" command with an "f" option.
tcl.ta-off_rp Disables typeahead.
tcl.ta-on Invokes "type-ahead" command with an "n" option.
tcl.ta-on_rp Enables typeahead.
tcl.tabs Defines tabstops for use with line editor and the Update processor.
tcl.tandem Logically link two devices to the same process.
tcl.tape-socket Tape device across a network
tcl.tcl Executes a TCL command on another port.
tcl.tcl-hdr Toggles or displays status of default TCL header on Spooler output.
tcl.tcl-hdr-off Invokes "tcl-hdr" command with an "f" option.
tcl.tcl-hdr-on Invokes "tcl-hdr" command with an "n" option.
tcl.tcl.stack.desc used by the "list-errors" command to display the last 3 TCL entries stored in the errors file.
tcl.term Displays or changes current terminal or printer characteristics.
tcl.term-type Sets terminal and printer characteristics automatically.
tcl.term.font downloads fonts
tcl.termp Prompts for terminal or printer characteristics.
tcl.test-cursor Crt visual effects demo.
tcl.time Displays time and date.
tcl.time-date Toggles display of time and date at TCL.
tcl.time-date-off Disables time and date display at TCL.
tcl.time-date-on Invokes "time-date" command with an "n" option.
tcl.timedate Toggles display of time and date at TCL.
tcl.timedate-off Invokes "time-date" command with an "f" option.
tcl.timedate-on Invokes "time-date" command with an "n" option.
tcl.timeout Sets the time to automatic logoff on inactivity.
tcl.tlog-restore Restores the transaction log records. see "logto".
tcl.touch Touch all items in a file or in all files in accounts.
tcl.transaction System administration utility for transactions processing.
tcl.trap Maintains %msignals% item in dm account.
tcl.truncate-ovf Truncate the overflow table
tcl.txlog Invokes transaction logger menu.
tcl.txlog-off Turns off transaction log enqueuing for the current process.
tcl.txlog-on Turns on transaction log enqueuing for the current process.
tcl.txlog-status Displays status of transcation logger.
tcl.type-ahead Toggles type-ahead on or off.
tcl.type-ahead-off Invokes "type-ahead" command with an "f" option.
tcl.type-ahead-on Invokes "type-ahead" command with an "n" option.
tcl.u Invokes the "update" verb.
tcl.ud Updates dictionary of given file.
tcl.unlink-pibdev Unlinks a process from a port.
tcl.unlock-file Clears a file lock on a specified file.
tcl.unlock-frame Unlocks corelocked buffer.
tcl.unlock-group Clears group locks.
tcl.unlock-item Clears item locks in specified file.
tcl.unpack Unpacks items packed with "pack".
tcl.unset deletes a Pick shell variable
tcl.up Invokes the "update" command.
tcl.update Invokes Update processor.
tcl.update-abs-stamp Verb called by "abs.fid" program.
tcl.update-account Invokes "update-md".
tcl.update-accounts Updates md's after system upgrade.
tcl.update-logging Toggles transaction log or displays status.
tcl.update-md Updates an account to AP.
tcl.update-prot Displays status of or toggles update protection.
tcl.update-prot-off Disables the global file update protection scheme
tcl.update-prot-on Invokes global file update protection scheme
tcl.user-coldstart Invokes user-defined coldstart sequence.
tcl.user.coldstart Final step in the system startup sequence.
tcl.useralarm Alarm handler.
tcl.uvdump dumps a uniVerse account onto tape as a series of "t-dumps".
tcl.uvget Load data transferred by UVDUMP.
tcl.verb.classes Types of TCL verbs.
tcl.verb.type Determines md item type.
tcl.verbs Syntax for TCL verbs.
tcl.verify-abs Invokes "verify-system".
tcl.verify-index Verifies b-tree indices.
tcl.verify-system Verifies Pick system software.
tcl.verify-system_rp Verifies Pick system software.
tcl.vga.lcd Sets video controller to either "VGA" or "LCD" Demonstrates video display functions.
tcl.view Displays a single item in a scrollable fullscreen window.
tcl.w see "where".
tcl.what Combines output of "what", "where", "list-locks" and "sp-status" commands.
tcl.where Displays system execution information.
tcl.whereall Invokes "wheres" command.
tcl.wherebt Invokes "wheres" command with "bt" parameter.
tcl.whered Invokes "wheres" command with "db" parameter.
tcl.whereindx Invokes "wheres" command with "in" parameter.
tcl.wherelk Invokes "wheres" command with "lk" parameter.
tcl.whereovf invokes "wheres" command with "ov" parameter.
tcl.wherepu Invokes "wheres" command with "pu" parameter.
tcl.wheres Displays execution status and last command for each process.
tcl.wheresp Combines "wheres" with "sp" parameter.
tcl.wheret Invokes "wheres" command with the "tp" parameter.
tcl.which Displays system/release information.
tcl.which-line Returns current port number in procbuf.
tcl.which_rp Displays current release level.
tcl.who TCL command which shows the port.number, the user id and the account name.
tcl.who-info toggles status of TCL who information
tcl.who-info-off turns off TCL who information
tcl.who-info-on turns on TCL who information
tcl.whoall Invokes "wheres" command.
tcl.whobt Invokes "wheres" command with "bt" options.
tcl.whod Invokes "wheres" command with "db" options.
tcl.whoindx Invokes "wheres" command with "in" options.
tcl.wholk Invokes "wheres" command with "lk" options.
tcl.whopu Invokes "wheres" command with "pu" options.
tcl.whos Invokes program "wheres".
tcl.whosp Invokes "wheres" command with "sp" options.
tcl.whot Invokes "wheres" command with "tp" options.
tcl.whovf Invokes "wheres" command with "ov" options.
tcl.who_rp Displays account name and port number.
tcl.wlist Same as "list", but uses indices if present.
tcl.wselect Same as "select", but uses indices if present.
tcl.wsort Same as "sort", but uses indices if present.
tcl.wsselect Same as "sselect", but uses indices if present.
tcl.x-ref Assembler cross-reference utility.
tcl.xcs Toggles status of extended character set.
tcl.xcs-off Disables extended character set.
tcl.xcs-on Enables extended character set.
tcl.xonoff Toggles xon/xoff or data set ready.
tcl.xref Proc to drive assembler cross-reference utility.
tcl1.verbs Verbs which do not require file reference.
tcl2.verbs Description of TCL2 verbs.
txl.xtd Converts hexadecimal number to decimal.
user-shutdown First macro executed in system shutdown sequence
verb A TCL command which invokes a process.