Command TCL.CONFIG Verb: Access/TCL
Applicable release versions: AP/Unix
Category TCL (746)
Description invokes a menu for the administraion of the system configuration for the current virtual machine, or for a virtual machine specified by "vmname".
Without any argument, a master menu is displayed. With an argument (specified by "topic"), the configuration screen is entered directly. All changes made to a configuration file are not taken into account immediately. It is necessary to shut down the Pick virtual machine and reboot it for the changes to take effect.

Most configuration operations are done using the Update processor. See the Update processor commands section. All fields have an on-line help facility activated by typing '?'<return> in the first position of the field. To commit a change, type <ctrl>+x followed by 'f'. To abandon a change, type <ctrl>+x followed by 'e' and 'y' to confirm.

Changing a configuration requires that the Pick process is run while logged on as root. To activate a Pick process as root, type:

>password: (enter root password)
ap -l

Each topic is further discussed in separate entries in the on-line documentation. The following topics can be addressed:

Initial system configuration. This option should be run during a virgin installation, the very first time Advanced Pick is loaded on the system. It is not allowed to run the startup option for another virtual machine. This option must be run while logged on as root.

Configuration of the ports settings. The number of physical ports (or pibs) and phantoms can be adjusted. This is not the number of licensed users.

Core (Pick memory) configuration, virtual machine key and size of the optional memory set aside to catalog FlashBASIC locked object code.

Flush process adjustment and size of the write queue.

Name of a valid Unix user, owner of the virtual machine, and list of the Unix groups allowed access to the virtual machine.

List of the logical disks allocated to Pick. It is not advised to modify this field. This should be for reference only.

List of the devices used as a tape by the virtual machine. This list can be edited to add or remove devices added or removed after Pick has been installed.

Edit various options.

All options. A complete configuration file is edited.
Syntax config {topic} {vmname}
Enters the main configuration menu.

config core 
Changes the memory size.

config all dev2
Edit the whole configuration file for the the virtual machine 'dev2'.
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