access.any Modifier/Access: Verbs


Command access.any Modifier/Access: Verbs
Applicable release versions: AP 6.1
Category Access: Verbs (152)
Description search entire item for a match, all attributes and all values.

Each value is compared to the selection criteria and if the value passes the criteria, then the item is selected for further processing. This feature is useful for searching non-attribute oriented files for specific words or phrases, such as word processor documents, source programs, etc.

The word ANY may be used to mean ANY attribute, value, or subvalue in the item. ANY may be used in selection criteria (WITH, IF), or specified for output. If ANY is specified for output, it must also be specified in selection criteria. The output of the ANY attribute definition will be any subvalue, value or attribute which passes the selection criteria.
Syntax with {not} any {operator} {"value"} {any}
select entity with any name "[john doe]"

This selects all entity items which contain the name "john doe"

list entity with any "sally" any
Page 1     entity

entity.... ..........................

332        004 sally
1234       001 sally

This indicates that the "any" found two items which had an attribute, 
value, or subvalue which exactly matched the string "sally".  The 
output of the second "any" displays the attribute, value, or subvalue 
number on which the match was found as well as the actual data in that field.
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