Modifier/Access: Verbs

Command Modifier/Access: Verbs
Applicable release versions: AP, R83
Category Access: Verbs (152)
Description designates a sort key, in ascending, "exploded" multi-value order. It must be is followed by an "".

The "by-exp" modifier is used to sort attributes that may contain more than one value. When the "by" modifier is used on a multi-valued attribute, it only sorts on the first value in the attribute. Further, each item-id will only appear one time, assuming that its display is not suppressed.

When the "by-exp" modifier is used, it "explodes" each value in the attribute and treats each value as though it were a separate item. Each value sorts into its proper position, and the item-id will appear with each value. In other words, the number of times and item-id will appear on a report coincides to the number of values in the exploded attribute.

In Advanced Pick, "by-exp" may be used with any verb that lists or selects items, such as "list" or "select". R83 did not allow "by-exp" to be used with "non-sorting" verbs, and was simply ignored.

The "explosion limiter" specifies that output only occurs on data elements meeting the print limiting criteria.
Syntax by-exp {"explosion limiter"}
sort customers by-exp invoice.pointers

sort invoices by-exp product = "widget"

select fn by-exp pay-date >= "01/01/93" and by-exp pay-date <= 

Note that in this example, the second "by-exp" is required to return 
the correct data.