access.grand-total Modifier/Access: Verbs


Command access.grand-total Modifier/Access: Verbs
Applicable release versions: AP, R83
Category Access: Verbs (152)
Description substitutes a string of text in place of the standard "***" literal string normally output on the grand total line.

This produces a grand total only in statements that include the "total" modifier. Multiple options may be enclosed in the same set of single quotes.
Syntax grand-total "{{text} {'options'}...}"
Options 'l' Suppresses the blank line preceding the grand total.

'p' Issues a form feed (page eject) before the grand total.

'u' Underlines all totaled fields with a row of equal signs (=).

'' (Two single quotes). Inserts a single quote in text.
sort journal by company by salesman with age > "120" amount.due 
salesman company total amount.due grand-total "'u'Total 
Due" roll-on company roll-on salesman det-supp