access.retrieval.scheme Definition/Access: Verbs


Command access.retrieval.scheme Definition/Access: Verbs
Applicable release versions: AP, R83
Category Access: Verbs (152)
Description how words in a sentence are extracted either from a specified dictionary or indirectly from the md.

The Access processor uses both the master dictionary and the file dictionary to determine the definition of the elements in the Access sentence.

The file pointer to the file dictionary and the connectives used in the sentence, for example, are found in the master dictionary.

The file pointer to the data file and file-specific attribute-defining items are found in the file dictionary.

If an element is defined in both the master dictionary and the file dictionary, the definition in the file dictionary is used.

If the element is not found in either the master dictionary or the file dictionary, the Access processor creates a new element by concatenating the unknown element to a blank and the next element in the string. The processor first attempts to look up this new element in the file dictionary. If it is not found in the dictionary, it looks in the master dictionary. If the new item-id is not found, an error message displays.

The Access processor does not look up terms in the string that are enclosed in quotes, single quotes, or backslashes. These are assumed to be literals.
list entity name *a9999

In this example, "name" is found in the dictionary of 
"entity", and "*a9999" is found in the md, making this a 
valid Access command.