access.string.searching Definition/Access: Verbs


Command access.string.searching Definition/Access: Verbs
Applicable release versions: AP, R83
Category Access: Verbs (152)
Description uses the "[" and "]" characters to search for strings beginning with, ending with, or containing a given substring.

When used in conjunction with the "with" modifier, data elements may be searched for the occurrence of a string of characters, as illustrated in the examples.
list invoices with name "[PICK]" 

lists all invoices with the string "PICK" anywere in the name 
attribute. Any other string may proceed or follow the letters "PICK".

Select invoices by name with name # "[PICK" 

selects a sorted list of invoice items whose name ends with the string 
"PICK". Any string of characters may precede "PICK", but 
the element must end with "PICK".

list invoices with name # "value]" 

List those items whose name being searched "begins" with 
"value". Any string of characters may follow "value", but 
the element must begin with "value". 

"Wildcard" search. Used for searching for any characters within 

select invoices with name = "[sm^th]" 

Retrieves any item containing at least five characters, the first two of which 
begin with "sm", followed by any character, and ending with 
"th". This retrieves "smith" as well as "smyth".

list entity with name = "i^m"

lists entity file items whose "name" attribute contains a string 
beginning with "i", followed by any character, and ending with 

list entity with name = "a^^" 

list entity items whose Searches attribute for values containing a string 
beginning with "a" and followed by two characters. any two characters 
following the "a" will meet the selection criteria. 

Multiple selection criteria clauses:

When applying multiple selections against a single attribute value, it is not 
necessary to build a separate selection criteria phase for each, as in the 
following examples: 

list customers with state = "ca" or with state = "az" or 
with state = "va"

This could also be stated as: 

list customers with state "ca""az""va"
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