Modifier/Access: Verbs

Command Modifier/Access: Verbs
Applicable release versions: AP, R83
Category Access: Verbs (152)
Description accumulates a columnar total for a specified attribute-defining item.

The optional "total-limiter" functions like the "value string" portion of the selection criteria process, limiting totals to values that pass the specified selection criteria.

"" is the name of the attribute whose values are to be totaled.

"operator" is any legal relational operator, such as "=". If no operator is specified, "=" (equal) is assumed.

"value.list" is a list of values to match, enclosed in (") (double quotes) or "" (backslashes).

If the "total" modifier is used in the same sentence as a "roll-on", subtotal values are generated whenever a break occurs.

The subtotal is displayed in the appropriate column for each attribute specified in a "total" modifier. At the end of the listing, a total is generated for each column.

In computing the value for accumulation, correlatives (attribute 8) are processed, but conversions (attribute 7) are applied to the totaled value.
Syntax total {"total-limiter"}
total {{operator} "value.list"
list invoices total amount total amount (p
list invoices total status "overdue"
list invoices total amount le "300" total amount gt "1000"
Related access.roll-on