ap.doc.function.install.help Command/TCL


Command ap.doc.function.install.help Command/TCL
Applicable release versions: AP
Category TCL (746)
Description installs or reinstalls pointers to the APman (Advanced Pick On-line help) into an account.

After verifying "install.help" is being run from the APman account, "install.help" prompts for the name of the account where help should be installed.

If there are no naming conflicts, between existing md items in the target account, and the md items "install.help" creates, "install.help" displays the names of the items it is creating.

The first time a conflict occurs, "install.help" asks if the installation is an upgrade or reinstallation. A "Y" for yes, tells "install.help" to continue the installation and ignore all further conflicts. A "N" for no, tells "install.help" to ask for permission to overwrite as each conflict it is discovered.
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