basic.debugger.variable.references Command/BASIC: Debugger


Command basic.debugger.variable.references Command/BASIC: Debugger
Applicable release versions: AP, R83, AP 6.0 FlashBASIC
Category BASIC: Debugger (38)
Description reference, and optionally alter the contents of, variables within the runtime code being executed.
Syntax {}/variable

This accesses a plain variable and displays its current value.


This displays each element of a dimensioned array. If a dimensioned array is 
referenced without a subscript, each element is displayed, one at a time. To 
exit this display without stepping through all the locations, hit the 
<break> key, or enter any non-null value. The non-null value will not 
replace any location displayed. The contents of the array can NOT be altered.


This accesses a single-dimensioned array variable. With the subscript 
designated, only that element is displayed. This can also access a 
two-dimensional array and assumes the second subscript is 1.


This accesses a specific location of a two-dimensional array.


This displays the current assignment of every variable in the program. 
Typically, programs have a lot of variables. This function does NOT paginate, 
which results in having the variables fly by on the screen and not being very 
useful, unless the reader happens to be a speed reader. The <break> key 
will interrupt this "runaway" variable display and return to the 
debugger prompt character.

In each of the above cases (except the "/dim.array.variable" form), 
the operator is given the opportunity to change the requested value. If a 
<return> is entered at the "=" prompt, the symbol remains 
unchanged. Otherwise, any value entered is placed into the variable.
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