basic.statement.labels Definition/BASIC Program


Command basic.statement.labels Definition/BASIC Program
Applicable release versions: R83 3.1, AP
Category BASIC Program (486)
Description used as the destination of a "goto" or "gosub" statement.

A statement label consists of a numeric or alphanumeric string of characters placed at the beginning of any Pick/BASIC statement or by itself on a line in the program.

Pick/BASIC requires labels only on those statements used as destinations for "goto" or "gosub" statements.

Numeric statement labels can be any of the following formats:

10 1 100.5 01 001 10.02

Each of the above labels is unique.

Alphanumeric statement labels must begin with an alpha character. Any subsequent character in the label may be alphabetic or numeric. An alphanumeric statement label must be followed by a ":" (colon). If a statement is to be placed on the same line, it must be separated from the "statement label" by one or more spaces.

Since AP allows null statement lines, a statement label can stand by itself on a line. On R83 systems, statement labels must appear on the same line as a valid Pick/BASIC statement.
Syntax statement.label{:} {Pick/BASIC statement{s}}
numeric statement label:

1000 * start main loop

alphabetic statement label:

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