cfunc.execute C Function/C Functions


Command cfunc.execute C Function/C Functions
Applicable release versions: AP 6.1
Category C Functions (120)
Description equivalent to the Pick/BASIC statement: execute command capturing string1 returning string2

The proper variation of execute is indicated by one of the following codes which should be passed as the type parameter:

_CP_EXECUTE execute command
_CP_EXECUTE_C execute command capturing string1
_CP_EXECUTE_R execute command returning string2
_CP_EXECUTE_CR execute command capturing string1 returning string2

This function returns -1 if an error occurs. The error code is contained in _CP_errno.
Syntax int _CP_execute(int type, CPSTR* command, CPSTR** string1, CPSTR** string2)
/* The following example returns information about the current user. */

CPSTR * s = _CP_mkstr("who");
CPSTR * c = _CP_str_null;
CPSTR * r = _CP_str_null;

_CP_execute(_CP_EXECUTE_CR, s, &c, &r);
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