documentation.conventions Introductory/Access: Modifiers


Command documentation.conventions Introductory/Access: Modifiers
Applicable release versions: AP, R83
Category Access: Modifiers (8)
Description overview of documentation syntax conventions.

The following conventions are used throughout the Advanced Pick Reference manual:

"text" The quoted text has special meaning. It is often another token (subject) defined within this documentation.

(bold text) The bold text is entered exactly as shown.

(italicized text) The italicized text represents user-specified data or a parameter.

{} The information within the braces is optional.

x{x...} The "ellipsis" ("...") indicates that the information may be repeated one or more times.

{x...} This form indicates that the information is optional, or it may be repeated zero or more times.

[ x | y ] The "[]" ("square brackets") indicate that one OR the other element is required, but not both.

{ x | y } The "{}" characters with the "|" ("or") between them indicate that either or both elements may be specified. They are also both optional.

Multiple Lines

Mutually exclusive forms of the command exists. Each different form is shown on its own line.

The syntax is not shown, if excpet for a leading "." period in OP commands, the syntax the syntax is the same as the token.