editor.f Command/Editor


Command editor.f Command/Editor
Applicable release versions: AP, R83
Category Editor (43)
Description toggles the dual editor buffers so that additional changes may be made to an item, or for reviewing previous changes.

After the "flip", the line pointer is positioned to the beginning (top) of the item.

Changes to items must be made from the "top down". This means that changes may not be made to any line above a line in which a change has already been made without previously using the "f" command.

As a general rule, use the "f" command whenever changes are required above the last line in which a change was made, or upon receiving a "seqn?" error message.
014 print customer.id
.i print
012 print current.balance

The most common error message is the "seqn?" message. It indicates 
that a change is being attempted to a line "above" a line in which a 
change has been made. To correct this, use the "f" ("flip") 
command, then try the same operation that previously failed.
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