editor.me Command/Editor


Command editor.me Command/Editor
Applicable release versions: AP, R83
Category Editor (43)
Description merges one or more lines from the current item, another item in the current file, or another item in a different file, beginning with line number "start.attr" in item-id.

Any delimiter, except a left parenthesis, specifies that the following parameter is an item-id.

A left parenthesis specifies a different file.reference.

Default specifications:

No "#lines" merges 1 line.
No item-id uses the current item-id.
No item-id following file.reference means current the item-id
No starting attribute (line) number ("start.attr") merges from the first line.
Syntax me{#lines}/{item-id}{/{start.attr}}
me{#lines}(file.reference {item-id{) start.attr}}

Merges 10 lines from the current item, beginning with line number 1. 


Merges 10 lines from the item called "abc", beginning with line 
number 3. 

.me22(appdoc prog.doc)10<return> 

Merges 22 lines from the item called, "prog.doc", which resides in 
the file, "appdoc", beginning with line number 10.
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