filename.errors Definition/Access: General


Command filename.errors Definition/Access: General
Applicable release versions: AP
Category Access: General (65)
Description contains system error messages used to determine how the system is functioning.

The errors file contains error and "log-msg" messages. See "log-msg".

The item-ids are nine-digit date-time stamps (four-digit date plus five-digit time) plus an alpha character for multiple creations within a second.

The specific types of errors which generate messages are:

1) System errors: illegal opcode, crossing frame limit, forward link zero, backward link zero, priv opcode, illegal frame reference, disk error, stack format error, overflow release error, gfe, index B-tree error.

2) "logoff" commands.

3) Errors from the TPS (test procedure suite) on the QA account.

The attributes for the "errors" file are:

ac attribute-name description...........................

0 date Date error was logged.
0 timedate Item-id in errors file consists of date
and time error was logged.
1 error Error code. Possible errors are:
01 phantom read
02 rtn full
03 zero fid
04 frm lmt
05 fwd link
06 bck link
07 priv op
08 bad fid
09 disk err
0a break
0b stk fmt
0c lvl push
0e end off
0f trace
11 gfe count
12 gfe link
13 gfe body
14 gfe hash
15 b-tree index
16 ovf mul rel
17 end
18 unused
19 logoff
1a overflow runaway
1b ovf abort
20 ovf signature error
21 ovf link error
22 fcb corruption
23 (unknown)
24 (unknown)
25 CLEAR-LOCKS performed
p tps program error
s shutdown
2 user The user of the error logging process.
3 r Register triggering the error.
4 mode-addr Mode address when the error occurred.
5 abs-fid Base fid of the abs area executed by the process.
6 pgm-ctr Program counter when the error occurred.
7 abs-date Creation date of the abs in which the error
8 abs-imp Implementation type of the abs in which the
error occurred.
11 pcb-fid Process control block (pcb) frame id.
12 userpib The user and pib of the error logging process
20 registers Process register image.
21 run-stack Process execution stack.
22 last-tcl-entry The last three tcl stack entries.
23 gfe-fid Contains four values:
1) frame id of the group with gfe,
2) address (in storage register format)
of the item in which gfe was detected,
3) forward link of the frame in which
gfe occured,
4) backward link of the same frame
24 gfe-file The path name of the file in which gfe
was found.

Disk Error
On AP/Unix, the error log for a disk error has the following format:

ee dd 0000 00 00 ffffffff xx

ee Unix error code. (value of errno)
dd Logical disk number, as defined in configuration file
ffffffff Frame number, in hex
xx Command: 00=read, 01=write

The other fields are unused. Depending on the implementation, some other information can be obtained from the Unix error log.
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