Definition/Access: General

Command Definition/Access: General
Applicable release versions: AP
Category Access: General (65)
Description contains data for each phantom job submitted for execution.

The item-ids are nine-digit date-time stamps (four digit date plus five digit time). If more than one item is filed at the same time, an alpha character beginning with the letter "a" is appended to the item-id.

An item also exists in the "jobs" file for each port currently being used by a phantom job.

Job status' include:

c Done
e Error
l Logoff
q Queue
r Running
s Abort
p Sched id

The attributes in the "jobs" file are:

ac.. attribute-name description................
0 id Item-id of the jobs file.
1 status Status of phantom job.
2 user User who submitted the job.
3 md Execution md of the job.
4 command Tcl command for job execution.
5 out Output status of the job:
n Spooler hold file number
m Message back enabled
s All output suppressed
6 who Port.number which initiated the job
7 start Date the job was actually started.
8 startt Time the job was actually started.
9 tcl-command Tcl command for job execution.
11 pcb-fid Process control block (pcb) frame id of the job.
12 pib Pib or port.number where job is running.
15 stopd Date the job terminated.
16 stop Time the job finished.

The "phantom scheduler" keeps two queues in the dictionary of the "jobs" file. They are:

%Q Contains all jobs waiting to run.
%R Contains all finished jobs not yet released back to overflow.

The dictionary of the "jobs" file also contains an item called "%P" which consists of a list of phantom pibs' status bytes.
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