op.char Command/Output Processor: Commands


Command op.char Command/Output Processor: Commands
Applicable release versions: AP
Category Output Processor: Commands (183)
Description sends a raw string of characters to the printer or terminal without translation.

The default delimiter is the space character.

A forced delimiter occurs at the end of the attribute.

Since neither a carriage return nor a line feed is printed, this command may be included in a sentence as a separate attribute without breaking the paragraph.

To specify unprintable characters, enter a value mark (<ctrl>+v) followed by the decimal representation.

For example, to specify the control sequence "<escape>p", where the decimal representation of <escape> is 27, the sequence is "<ctrl>+v 27<escape>p".

Note: Value marks are not displayed by the Update processor. They can be seen by using the "list-item" (TCL) command, where they are displayed as a right bracket ("]").
Syntax .char {delimiter} character{s} {delimiter}
.char /]27(s1010p0s3T/
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