op.columns.set Command/Output Processor: Commands


Command op.columns.set Command/Output Processor: Commands
Applicable release versions: AP
Category Output Processor: Commands (183)
Description specifies the column heading, column width, and column spacing.

The columns are turned off by using the Output processor ".xcolumns" command.

Headings can contain Output processor commands and are output at the start of the columns and at the top of each subsequent page until columns are turned off.

A maximum of 7 columns can be specified.

The ".coln" command uses the column headings and spacing specified with the last ".columns set" or ".variable columns" command to determine the position of the specified column number. If the column number is less than the previous column number, the columns are printed and a new paragraph begins. A maximum of seven columns are available.
Syntax .columns {set} heading1,width1,space1
;heading2,width2,space2 {;...}
.columns set heading1,10,5;heading2,10,1
.col1  one  .col2 two
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