op.test.page Command/Output Processor: Commands


Command op.test.page Command/Output Processor: Commands
Applicable release versions: AP
Category Output Processor: Commands (183)
Description tests the number of lines left on the current page and determines whether text is output on the current or next page.

If the "number.lines" parameter is less than the count returned, the following text is output on the current page. Otherwise, a page is ejected and the text is output on the new page.

This prevents blocks of text from being split across a page boundary.
Syntax .test page {number.lines}
.tp {number.lines}
.test page 10

This tests to determine if there are at least 10 print lines remaining on the 
current output page. If there are, the following text is printed on the same 
page, otherwise, a form-feed is issued and the text prints on the next page.
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