op.variable.columns Command/Output Processor: Commands


Command op.variable.columns Command/Output Processor: Commands
Applicable release versions: AP
Category Output Processor: Commands (183)
Description specifies parameters for formatting in variable-width multiple columns.

These parameters are used by subsequent ".columns set" commands.

The ".variable columns" command is designed to be used when the actual line length is unknown. For example, if the document is to be printed with a variety of different printers or fonts, each with a different number of characters that are printed on a line, ".variable columns" guarantees that columnar material fills in the entire page width.

The space parameter specifies the number of spaces between columns.

The divisions parameter specifies the number of sections into which the current line length is to be divided. This parameter should be equal to or greater than the sum of the width parameters or the command is ignored.

The heading parameters specify the headings for each column. The headings are output at the current location and at the top of each page.

The width parameters specify the number of divisions to be included in the width of each column.
Syntax .variable columns space,divisions, heading1, width1 {;heading2,width2 {;...;heading7,width7}}

.vcol space,divisions, heading1, width1 {;heading2,width2 {;...;heading7,width7}}
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