pc.callx Processing Code/Restore Processor


Command pc.callx Processing Code/Restore Processor
Applicable release versions: AP
Category Restore Processor (84)
Description a Pick/BASIC subroutine call which is specified on attribute 8 (the "correlative" attribute) of the file-defining item and is used to maintain data integrity.

Subroutines invoked with the "callx" processing code are executed when an item in Pick is updated, regardless of which process does the updating, i.e.: the Update processor, Pick/BASIC "write" statement, TCL "copy" command, or the "t-load" command.

This processing code differs from the "call" subroutine in that it is called any time an item in the file is updated, versus being called when the item is updated from the Update processor.

The Pick/BASIC subroutine must adhere to the following:

The parameter passed is the entire item, which may be updated by the subsoutine.

access(3) is identical to the parameter upon entry to the subroutine and CANNOT be updated by the subroutine.

access(1) is the file.variable for the data portion of the file.

access(2) is the file.variable for the dictionary portion of file.

access(10) is the item-id and can not be changed by the subroutine.

access(11) is the name of the file.

Note: access(11) returns the name of the data portion of the file only. If the data file name is different from the dictionary name, the designer must program in the dictionary name in order to use this function.

access(12) is the deleted item flag.

access(16) is the new item flag.

access(20) is the "item changed" flag. This works only in AP releases higher than 5.2.0. In releases prior to 5.2.0, the only way to identify a changed item is by reading the current version from the file, using access(1) for the "file.variable" and access(10) for the item-id.
Syntax callx {cataloged.subroutine}
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