pc.id Processing Code/Restore Processor


Command pc.id Processing Code/Restore Processor
Applicable release versions: AP
Category Restore Processor (84)
Description used by the Update processor (UP) to create new item-ids.

When UP is invoked without a specified item-id, UP creates a new item. When that item is filed, UP creates an item-id for it. If there is an "id" processing code, the item-id is created according to the id function indicated in the corresponding "subcode". If there is no "id" processing code, the item-id is created by concatenating the current date with a system-wide sequence number.

The "subcode" may be any one of the following choices:

"a.code" Uses the specified "a" processing code to create the item-id. Since an "a" processing code can call a Pick/BASIC program, any user-defined item-id can be created.

n (integer number) Creates numeric item-ids, starting with "n". As a protective mechanism to avoid the case of "stepping" on existing item-id's, if the item-id already exists in the file, "n" is automatically incremented until a unique item-id is found. The system updates the value in the proccessing code with the latest value.

t Creates new item-ids by concatenating the internal date (currently 4 ASCII decimal numeric digits) with the internal time, measured in seconds. If two item-id's are assigned within the same second, an alphabetic character, starting with the letter "a", is appended to the item-id to ensure that each item-id is unique.
Syntax id{subcode}
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