pc.if Processing Code/Restore Processor


Command pc.if Processing Code/Restore Processor
Applicable release versions: AP
Category Restore Processor (84)
Description Used in dictionary attributes 7 & 8 (conversion and correlative) to generate values based on results of evaluation of expression according to the rules of a-correlative construction.
The if processing code is a stand-alone version of the if conditional allowable within an a-correlative. If the condition evaluates to true (non-zero) the a-correlative following "then" is executed. If there is no "then clause" a null value is returned on true.
If the condtion evaluates to zero (false) the else clause is taken. Multiple complex conditionals can be constructed by using the "end" to close off the current "if" and associate the "else" with the prior "if".
Syntax if condition {then a-correlative} {else a-correlative} { end }
if 2#4 then 4:'**':2
if 14["1","3"]='sco' then 17
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