pc.x.stamp Processing Code/Restore Processor


Command pc.x.stamp Processing Code/Restore Processor
Applicable release versions: AP
Category Restore Processor (84)
Description provides an audit trail for items that are updated.

type specifies the type of stamp to use, and may be any of the following choices:

"a" places the name of the user in the specified attribute when the item is filed.

"d" places the current date in the specified attribute when the item is filed.

"s" adds the total time (in seconds) the item was in UP into the specified attribute. The value is cumulative. Each time the item is updated, the current usage is added to the previous time.

"t" places the current time in the specified attribute when the item is filed.

"ac" specifies the attribute count into which the stamp is to be placed.

"v" specifies that each time the item is filed, the stamp is to be inserted as a new value. If "v" is not specified, the current stamp overwrites the previous entry. The "v" has no effect with the "s" option.

The audit stamp codes may be combined into more complex expressions, such as "xa1d2s3v". This example will stamp attribute 1 with the user, attribute 2 with the date, and attribute 3 with the time, adding subsequent stamps as multi-values. When stamp specifications are combined, the system will not add another stamp if the user and date are the same. For example, if a stamp already exists for user 'dm' on 09/28/94, and the same user updates the item on the same date, another stamp will not be added. This does not apply when specifying stamps separately.
Syntax xtype ac{v}
1)  xa14

This places the user-id in attribute 14.

3)  xa3d4t5

This complex expression adds the user-id in attribute 3, the current date in 
attribute 4, and the current time in attribute 5.
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