pc.y.stamp Processing Code/Restore Processor


Command pc.y.stamp Processing Code/Restore Processor
Applicable release versions: AP 6.2
Category Restore Processor (84)
Description stamps user, pib, and time/date update information into an internal item header from all processors.

Unlike the "x" code, the "y" code updates stamp information when an item is updated from any processor. Additionally, this stamp information is stored outside the normal item body in a special textual header.

To read the stamp information generated by the "y" code, prefix the filename with the word "hdr:". The header information can then be examined from Pick/BASIC, Access, or any other processor. Note that the stamp information CANNOT be written outside of the normal update mechanism.

The "save" verb saves all header information on the save tape, and "restore" automatically restores this information. However, "t-dump" and "t-load" do not save/restore the header. Instead, "t-load" generates new header information as if the items were being updated normally.
Syntax y{u}{p}{t}
Related tcl.save