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Description overview of the Advanced Pick Reference Manual

The Advanced Pick Reference Manual is divided into major sections for each processor (Access, BASIC, C, ED, TCL ...). Each sections is made up of up to three sub-sections: introductory explanation, definition of terms and discussion of related concepts, and finally an alphabetical listing of entries applicable to that processor.

As appropriate, each entry contains the entry name, the type of token (Verb, Menu, Option, ...), a initial description, the syntax of the command, a more complete description, followed by options, a list of related commands, examples, and warnings.

Note that references to certain commands may appear in more than one section.

The manual terminates with an alphabetical index listing all tokens in the manual irrespective of the section to which they belong.

Notation Conventions
The following notations are used throughout this book:
"text" Quoted text has special meaning. It is often another token (subject) defined in this book.
bold Words or characters in boldface are commands, file names, options, and other keywords recognized by the system. Within a command syntax, bold words are words that must be entered exactly as they appear.
italics Used within paragraph text, certain words are italicized for emphasis. Used within a command syntax, words in italics are parameters to be replaced by an actual value, name, word, or number.
{size} Used within a command syntax, parameters shown within braces are optional.
x{x...} The "ellipsis" (series of three dots) indicates that the information may be repeated one or more times.
x | y Used within a command syntax, parameters separated with a vertical bar are choices.
{x | y} Used within a command syntax, choices shown within braces are optional. One can be selected, but all are optional.
[x | y] Used within a command syntax, choices shown within brackets indicates that one of the elements is required, but not both.

Multiple Lines

Mutually exclusive forms of the command exists. Each different form is shown on its own line.

The syntax is not shown, if excpet for a leading "." period in OP commands, the syntax the syntax is the same as the token.
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