system.debugger.dws Command/System Debugger


Command system.debugger.dws Command/System Debugger
Applicable release versions: AP, R83
Category System Debugger (42)
Description number of bytes to display at the given address. The "window" is one of the three elements used in referencing disk locations within the system debugger.

The "data.window.specification" indicates the number of bytes to display and has the general form:


This represents the number of bytes to display. The maximum is limited to the size of the requested data.

Offset specifications (explicit):


This designates the offset and window, where offset is a positive or negative number indicating the offset from the "data.format.specification", and window is a positive number as above. This form works for traces, except in the case that the location is an indirect reference from a storage register whose location is specified by the form: !fidaddr.dataaddr.

Offset specifications (implicit):


Where offset and window are functionally the same as above, and the "c" (code) designates the number of fields. If the window specification is not included, the implicit window derived from the field type is used, otherwise the specified window is used.

The possible designators for the c parameter are as follows:

b field width = 1 bit.
c field width = 1 byte.
d field width = 4 bytes.
f field width = 6 bytes.
h field width = 1 byte.
r field width = 8 bytes.
s field width = 6 bytes.
t field width = 2 bytes.



Where the "c" parameter is as above, but in this form, an offset of zero is assumed, along with the implied window and dfs.

In the specific case of bit (b) display, the general form:


This form specifies "bit display", starting at bit zero, the offset from the addressing base, for a width of "window" bits. Bits and bit fields may be traced with either trace. The displacement specified by a symbolically-addressed bit is in bits. Therefore, the form "fidaddr.dataaddr" will treat the dataaddr as a "bit" count in the direct-reference form.
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