system.debugger.l Command/System Debugger


Command system.debugger.l Command/System Debugger
Applicable release versions: AP, R83
Category System Debugger (42)
Description displays the frame linkages for the given fid.

If the fid is not specified, the links for the frame most recently implied by a data reference specification are displayed.

A data format specification may not be used with this command and will generate an error message.

See "<ctrl>+n", "<ctrl>+p" in "Functions: System Debugger".

Frame linkages may be replaced. On the right side of the "=" sign, the values of the four elements may be changed using the following format:

lfid.address ...... =n1,n2,n3,n4

Where "n1", replaces the number of contigous "forward" links; "n2" replaces the "forward" linked frame; "n3" replaces the "backward" linked frame; and "n4" replaces the number of contiguous "backward" links.
Syntax l{data.reference.specification}
L109681<return>     <= Enter command.
!L109681  0  :   109684   109514  :  0 =   <= This displays.

This indicates that frame "109681" has a forward link to frame 
"109684" and a backward link to "109514".

In this example, "109681" is the current fid. The first "0" 
is the number of contigous "forward" links. "109684" is the 
"forward" linked frame. "109514" is the 
"backward" linked frame. The last "0" is the number of 
contiguous "backward" links.
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