tcl.!.apdos Verb: TCL1/DOS


Command tcl.!.apdos Verb: TCL1/DOS
Applicable release versions: AP/DOS
Category DOS (25)
Description creates a DOS shell and executes any DOS command.

The '<' and '>' symbols may be used to redirect standard input and output to and from DOS files. If no DOS command is specified, a DOS shell is created and entered. The (DOS) "exit" command and <ctrl>+d both return control to the Pick environment.

The following synonyms for the "!" verb are available: ".", "dos", "pc", "shell" and "shl".

The form, "!DOS.command" does not require a space after the "!".

"DOS.command" is any DOS command.

"from.file" is the file to get input from.

"to.file" file to send standard output to.

By creating macros which contain the "!" verb, almost any DOS command may be made accessible from TCL, provided that the name of the macro does not conflict with the name of a Pick verb.
Syntax !{ }{DOS.command} {parameters} {< from.file} {> to.file}
!dir /w
Displays files in the current DOS directory using the "w" option for 
wide display.  

pc dir >dir.tmp
Redirects output from the "dir" command to the DOS file 
"dir.tmp". ("pc" is a synonym for "!").

Shell Macros:

Macros in the master dictionary make almost all DOS commands available from 
Pick. For example:

Pick file : md
Pick item-id: dir

  01 n
  02 !dir 

This macro creates a DOS shell and executes the "dir" command. See 
"create-macro" and "macros, definition.

Pick file : md
Pick item-id: myshell

  01 n
  02 !cd mydir 

This changes the default directory to be the subdirectory "mydir".
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