tcl.addbi.apdos Verb: Access/DOS


Command tcl.addbi.apdos Verb: Access/DOS
Applicable release versions: AP/DOS
Category DOS (25)
Description extends the Monitor functionalities by adding new C functions, available to Pick/BASIC.

The "addbi" command adds the specified list of user-defined C-functions to the list of built-in functions that are in the MS-DOS "initfncs.c" file and the Pick "c.builtin" item.

"function.list" is a list of one or more item-id's (separated by spaces) of functions to be added to the existing built-in functions. If "function.list" is omitted, a previously generated select list can be used. (see "select" and the related list-handling verbs).

If "function.list" is omitted and no active list is present, the MS-DOS "initfncs.c" file is rebuilt to match the list of built-in functions. Up to 255 user-defined functions may be added.

Built-in functions are defined in the item "c.builtin" item located in the "dm,messages," file. When invoked, "addbi" updates this item and updates the C module "initfncs.c". When compiled and linked with the supplied mixed language interface object modules, "initfncs.c" creates a customized "PICKCSUP.EXE" executable file.

The added functions can then be called directly from Pick/BASIC. See "c function".
Syntax addbi { function.list }
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