tcl.b/list Verb: Access/TCL


Command tcl.b/list Verb: Access/TCL
Applicable release versions: AP
Category TCL (746)
Description formats and outputs Pick/BASIC source code listings.

It may also be used to format a Pick/BASIC source program and write it back to the file from which it came.
Syntax b/list file.reference itemlist* {(options}
Options b Expands lines containing one "!" to a string of "*"'s. This only works if the "!" is all by itself on the line.

c Does not indent comment lines.

f Writes "formatted" program back to the file in which it was found.

i Uses "internal" defaults for formatting instead of "*blist" defaults in the "messages" file. See the "*blist" item listed under warnings.

l Suppresses display of line (attribute) numbers.

m Double spaces listing.

n No pause; suppresses pause at end of page on terminal display.

o Overwrites existing item (when used with "f" option); otherwise, it creates a new item-id of "id.blist", where 'id' is the original program name, followed by ".blist".

p Outputs to printer; does not update file.

r Forces all indentations to zero.

s Draws vertical structure lines. This "connects" statements that are generally "nested". For example, "for" statements are connected to their corresponding "next" statements with vertical lines composed of "|" characters.

t Outputs to crt, unless an "f" option is included.

u Updates item with unresolved format structure.
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