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Command tcl.config.core Menu/TCL
Applicable release versions: AP/Unix, AP 6.0
Category TCL (746)
Description command enters the Update processor to show memory usage of the specified virtual machine.
The following elements are edited:

"Core Size (K)"

This is the size in Kilobytes allocated to the Pick shared memory segment. The size of this segment is critical for performance. Roughly, the higher, the better. This number has to be balanced, however, with the requirements of Unix itself, any other Unix applications running on the system and the physical memory available. The objective is to avoid paging, both from Pick and from Unix. The Pick "buffers" command will show low 'available' buffers when the core size is too small, and the Unix command "sar" will show high paging activity when this number is too high. If it is impossible to find a compromise, the physical memory (RAM) is probably insufficient. After changing this argument, it is necessary to shut down Pick and bring Unix to single user mode.

This number, in hexadecimal, must be unique on the system. Its actual value does not matter. It is an identifier of the virtual machine, as seen by other Pick virtual machines or Unix applications. Use the Unix command "ipcs" to determine keys currently used.

"Shared BASIC size (K)"
This optional field is the size in kilobytes allocated to contain the most frequently used FlashBASIC programs. The TCL command "shpstat" shows the usage of this area. Locked and/or sharable, FlashBASIC object code is created by the TCL "compile" verb.
Syntax config core {vmname}
Core size (K)         16300
Key (hex)             10
Shared BASIC size (K) 1024
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