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Command tcl.config.disk Menu/TCL
Applicable release versions: AP/Unix, AP 6.0
Category TCL (746)
Description enters the Update processor to show the disk configuration.
Up to 16 logical disks can be used as the Pick file system. When more than one volume is used, they are logically concatenated and appear as one single logical volume.

This option should be used only to examine the disk configuration. Changing any of the parameters will require a full file restore the next time the virtual machine is rebooted.

If "vmname" is not specified, the configuration file of the current virtual machine is edited.

"Disk device name"
This is the Unix device name of the logical disk used as the Pick disk. Permissions to this device should be restricted to 'root', for security reasons. The exact nature of the device is highly implementation dependent. It can be a partition, a Unix file, local or remote, or an unmounted Unix file system. In fact, any direct access device can be used.

"Start blk"
This is the logical start of the Pick data space, expressed as an offset in kilobytes from the start of the logical disk. This number should normally be set to 0.

"Size (K)"
This is the size in kilobytes of the logical disk. The size should not be less than 128 kilobytes, and no more than 2 Gigabytes (2,097,152 K). If the Pick virtual machine requires more than 2 gigabytes of space, several logical disks have to be used.

"Comment, options"
Free text. On AP/SCO, however, if the logical disk is a partition located outside of the Unix file system (external), the comment field must start with track testing replacement. The installation procedure adds these automatically.
Syntax config disk {vmname}
Disk device name   Start blk Size (K) Comment, options
/dev/rhd01         0         32010    t 37 Partition
/dev/rpick         0         20000    Division

Two logical disk are defined (in the case of AP/SCO):

- One partition of 32010 K, with a pseudo track of 37 kilobytes, for bad track 
-  One division (i.e., an un-mounted Unix file system) of 20000 K.

The total of the Pick virtual space is 52010 K.
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