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Command tcl.config.options Menu/TCL
Applicable release versions: AP/Unix, AP 6.0
Category TCL (746)
Description enters the Update processor to show various options of the current virtual machine or of the specified virtual machine "vmname".

"Machine name"
This text is returned by the 'which' (TCL) command and the system(100) Pick/BASIC intrinsic function, after the name of the Pick configuration file. It can be any string. The installation procedure always changes this field to a default.

"Boot mode"
This one-letter option defines whether the system comes up in single ('s') or multi-user ('m') mode. When in Multi-user mode, users are allowed to log on as soon as the system starts (right after the message 'diagnostics ... successfully completed'), during the execution of the system-coldstart procedure. When in single user mode, user logon is denied until the line 0 executes the 'maxusers (mlq' command. This command should be included at the end of the 'user-coldstart' macro, after all application-specific commands are done (starting printers, setting terminals, communications, etc...). The default is to boot in single user mode.

"Auto boot sleep"
This number specifies in seconds the grace delay allocated when doing an auto boot ('ap -a x') to stop the boot and return to a manual boot. The default is 3 seconds.

"ABS lock"
This flag, "on" or "off", controls whether the entire Pick kernel is brought in memory at boot time ('Locking ABS ...'). The installation procedure turns this flag on automatically if there is enough memory allocated to Pick. Severe performance degradation will occur if this flag is turned off. Disabling the ABS locking should be reserved for very small configurations (less than a few megabytes).

"Break char (hex)"
This is the default value of the alternate break character, coded in hexadecimal. This value can be overridden on a per-port basis by the 'set-break' TCL command.

"Escape char (hex)"
This is the default value of the escape level pushing character, coded in hexadecimal. This value can be overridden on a per port basis by the 'set-esc' TCL command.

This number specifies the relative priority of the Pick processes running on the virtual machine, compared to other Unix processes, by affecting the 'nice' value. Legal values are from -20 (highest priority) to +19 (lowest priority). '0' is a 'neutral' value, giving equal priority to Pick processes and non Pick processes. The flush process always run at a nice value of -10 (higher priority) than the base line.
Syntax config options {vmname}
Machine name      development
Boot mode         s
Auto boot sleep   5
ABS lock          on
Break char (hex)  1c
Escape char (hex) 1b
Priority          10

These options have the following effect:

- system(100) in Pick/BASIC will return the string:

- The system is booted in single user mode.

- The grace delay for booting automatically is set at 5 seconds.

- The alternate break char is set to x'1c'. This key normally 
associated with <ctrl>+ (control + backslash).

- The escape level pushing is associated to x'1b', which is the 
normal escape character.
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