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Command tcl.config.ports Menu/TCL
Applicable release versions: AP/Unix, AP 6.0
Category TCL (746)
Description enters the Update processor to show the port and phantom setting or the current virtual machine or of the specified virtual machine "vmname".

By default, the installation procedure reserves a fixed number of ports (or pibs) and phantoms. Depending on the hardware platform, these numbers could be, for example, 256 ports and 32 phantoms.

"Number of ports"
This is the expected number of devices (serial, parallel, network, etc...) that the system will be able to support. This number should be at the very least equal to the number of licensed users plus the number of printers, serial and parallel. It is advised to put some margin on this number to allow for extensions. Putting more that the required number costs only a few kilobytes on disk, which is negligible.

"Number of phantoms"
This is the number of phantom processes the system will be able to use. This count does not include the scheduler itself, which is always added to this number. This number should be at least 2.
Syntax config ports {vmname}
Consider a system with 256 ports, 32 phantoms, licensed for 64 users. If the 
system is equipped with 128 serial devices, it would be possible to have (for 

98 terminals,
30 printers.

All the 98 terminals would receive the Pick logon message, but no more than the 
licensed number of users (64) would be allowed to log on to Pick at any given 
time. This configuration would leave room to expand to 256-30=226 licensed 
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